Political tensions run high as election approaches

Letters to the editor

• Sign-stealing not going to sway votes

Tension levels high as election approaches
Angie Baca and her fellow Democrats are actively campaigning for Kerry by putting up signs.
The Bush supporters who are stealing or vandalizing her signs are contributing not a whit to Bush’s re-election. If they spent the same amount of time campaigning for President Bush that they spend collecting Kerry signs from front yards they might swing some votes his way.
I’m sure the Republican headquarters here in town can use additional volunteers.

Karl Spence

• Democratic history reason to be proud

As we approach the election, I want people to know why I am proud to be a Democrat.
Since its founding by Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic Party’s heritage is something everyone can be proud of.
It was a Democratic Congress that expressed our country’s gratitude to our service men and women with the G.I. Bill of Rights giving our veterans the opportunity for a college education and home ownership. The Republicans opposed this legislation.
It was the Democrats who passed the FHA Mortgage Act, which lowered interest rates and allowed millions of low- and middle-income families to purchase their first home. The Republicans opposed this legislation.
Democrats gave us the Child Labor Law, the 40-hour work week, minimum wage and Family Leave. The Republicans opposed all of these.
Democrats gave us Social Security and Medicare. The Democrats also gave us student loans and the Voting Rights Act. The Republicans opposed these also.
Today many people feel the Democratic Party is too liberal, but it might also have been considered liberal when it was the primary force behind the previously mentioned bills. Without the Democratic progressive visions and willingness to work for a better life, we might very well be a nation of two economic classes, the poor and the rich.
We hold strong to the Constitution, believing in the equality for all people. We are the party of compassion and empathy. It is one thing to talk of values and another to act on those values.
I am proud to be a Democrat!

Pauline Clark

• Republican Party unfairly deemed ‘evil’

Two entries published last week in the Clovis News Journal implied that Curry County Republicans had destroyed political signs expressing Democratic sympathies. These claims are scurrilous and false.
On Oct. 11 a property owner called me and told me someone put (Sen. John) Kerry signs on her property without permission and she wanted them removed. I called Curry County Democratic Party co-chairman, Gary Swinford, and told him of the problem and he said he would gladly remove them. I told him we had also lost several 4’ X 8’ signs and that a man had brought in two Bush/Cheney signs to our headquarters that he had pulled from his property and cut in half. Apparently someone had moved Bush/Cheney signs to his yard from somebody else’s. It needs to be noted that the signs in question were two signs, not “a pile of signs.” It further needs to be specified that the signs in question were Republican signs, not Democrat.
When CNJ news editor Mike Linn contacted the Republican Party office for comments he was informed that we were missing signs also and that we had a steady stream of folks asking us for replacements because their signs were taken. Republican spokesman Rube Render attributed this to “malicious mischief” rather than the obvious “Axis of Evil” as noted by Angie Baca.
Finally, let me say that my children have long since passed the age of 3. I do not remember teaching them at that age that members of an opposing political party belonged to an “Axis of Evil.” And they say political discourse in the country is getting coarser.

Brett Johnson
Chairman, Curry County Republican Party

• Buying terrorists weapons dangerous

Seeing Iraqi terrorists turn in their weapons for cash is a “feel good.”
Here’s how it works: Terrorist sells a worn-out, rusty AK-47 to you, the American taxpayer, for $500. Smiles and handshakes between GIs and Terrorist close the deal, which runs on the 6 o’clock news. The story’s purpose is to make you feel “safe,” and is aimed at attracting votes.
About the time you are “feeling safe,” Terrorist goes down the street, buys a new AK-47 for $100 and pockets $400 in change. Next day, Terrorist is shooting the same GIs he traded with, and laughing.
Some claim that “weapons being turned in” is proof that terrorists have “reformed” … had a change of heart, and maybe even a change in religions, and we’re winning the “war on terrorism.”
Others suspect that Islam’s followers claim Allah’s voice speaks to them, commanding them to drive foreigners from his sacred land. Under that hallowed commandment they will do anything to rid their holy sands of invaders’ boot prints.
If so, every weapon we buy from a terrorist hands them U.S. dollars to finance car bombs, rocket launchers and roadside explosions, which makes terrorists stronger, richer and dangerous.
Time will tell if fighting terrorists by buying their beat-up weapons is smart, or stupid.

Dan True

• nResponsibility the answer to abortion

I was pondering the question, “Can a discussion on abortion be made without bringing up religion?”
I came to the conclusion that it could not, because abortion is also a moral issue.
Abortion involves legal and religious issues, and it’s very private. This issue involves very delicate thinking processes. Can we understand that humans’ cognitive thinking process is done at the finite level, where the Creator’s thinking process is accomplished at the infinite level?
We must come to the conclusion that there is no way we humans can comprehend God’s level of thinking.
Therefore how are we to understand what is expected of us? There is the Bible and faith, so empirical thinking processes are not always necessary.
God in his infinite wisdom gave us free will. He so unconditionally loves us that he gave us the freedom even to reject him. That, my friends, is the great gift after life.
What he did not give us was the right to reject the punishment he would impose on us if we chose to abuse this gift of free will. I believe this gift of free will should never be nullified by any government. God in his infinite wisdom does not normally interfere in the natural order of our lives, except on a few occasions and we call these miracles.
The answer to prevent abortion is that we must continue to make every effort to change the minds of those seeking abortions. Women should not fear future Supreme Court decisions on this subject, but rather fear the supreme judge of us all.
God gave women the third-greatest gift, and that is to conceive his ultimate creation — us.
I don’t believe in abortion, but I would defend a woman’s right to have one. The intelligent answer to this problem is responsible family planning and moral consideration.

Ruben A. Pro