Kube never did anything half-hearted

J.D. Chandler-Autrey, Guest Columnist

I was all the way in Palm Harbor, Fla., having just survived Hurricane Frances, when my little brother from Clovis called me and told me the horrible news about Spencer Kube. It is the single most devastating experience I have ever gone through in my life.

For someone to say that Spencer had a good heart, or was always willing to help out is an understatement. He was more than that. If it were not for Spencer, I know that me, my friends Justin Mitchell and PJ Nobblett, would never have gotten through high school.

Spencer was the kid that never complained about anything. He was the kid who never hurt anyone. Spencer was the kid that would strip down to his boxer shorts in the middle of winter to help push a pickup truck out of the mud! That is the type of person Spencer was.

He was always there for all of us when we needed him, and he knew that we (me, PJ, and Justin) were always there for him. He was our spirit. He was our love. He was the last person I can remember ever receiving a true hug from.

He never did anything half-hearted. No, he did everything to his fullest ability or he didn’t do it.

He cared so much for so many people that there’s no telling how many lives he touched.

I have driven straight through to New Mexico to say my goodbyes to the best person I have ever known.

I want to let his family know that he was and will remain the best person in my life, in PJ’s life, and in Justin’s life. The family should know they have support coming from everywhere. Spencer was so loved, and so cared for, and it’s killing us all that we have to let him go.

There will forever be a void in my heart due to the loss of Spencer.

No one will ever be another Spencer. He was too great.
JD (Jones) Chandler-Autrey is a resident of Palm Harbor, Fla. She was in Clovis this weekend to say goodbye to her friend who was killed Tuesday in a vehicle rollover near House. Contact her at: