Reporter’s notebook: Persistence pays off for dog owner

By Tova Fruchtman

Many people may have seen the signs and advertisements last month looking for “Stitch,” the Reyna family’s lost shih tzu.
After a three-week search the Reynas finally found their dog, which escaped when Mike Renya was working on the gate at his home, he said.

Renya said he got a call after running one last advertisement offering a $500 reward for the safe return of the pet.

After getting the call that a family found their dog, exictement abounded for the Reynas.

“My daughter couldn’t get home fast enough,” Reyna said.
Renya said he had gone on several goose chases looking for Stitch, but never thought of giving up the search.]

“When we took him to the vet once we got him back he said ‘your persistence sure paid off,’” Reyna said.