Apartment residents find windows bashed

This blue Chevrolet is one of at least 10 vehicles parked at the Clovis Apartments that were vandalized early Saturday morning. (Staff photo: Mike Linn)

By William Thompson: Freedom Newspapers

Residents of Clovis Apartments awoke early Saturday morning to find that windows in at least 10 vehicles had been shattered.

Resident Jackie Brown, a retired housekeeper, found that all windows in her Chevy Caprice had been bashed in.

“My neighbor called me about 3:30 a.m. and said car windows had been shattered,” Brown said. “Before I got to my car, a neighbor said, ‘Miss Jackie, they got all your windows.’ I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford to pay for the windows to be replaced. All I can do is pray to the good Lord.”

Police officers who worked the incident could not immediately be reached for comment.

A witness, Majestic Stonelake, told police she saw a four-door maroon car with approximately five or six Hispanic subjects with bats, bricks and rags over their hands, according to the police report. She said the subjects were yelling “west side” while they were committing the alleged acts, according to the report.

Police collected blood evidence located on the front passenger side window of one of the vehicles.

Resident Trace Cagle said he’s worried about paying for the lost driver’s side and rear windows on 1983 Thunderbird.
“I don’t think my insurance will cover the cost of replacing the windows,” Cagle said. “Many of the people who live in the Clovis Apartments are living in income-assisted housing (from HUD) and I don’t know if they have insurance that will cover vandalism. Most of the cars here are 10 to 15 years old.”

Judy Calbert, resident manager of the Clovis Apartments, found out about the damaged vehicles Saturday afternoon.
“I don’t know if the company that owns the apartments (Monarch Properties of Albuquerque) has insurance that can assist the residents who suffered the damage to the cars. I will have to call the company on Monday to find out,” Calbert said.

She said she’s disappointed police don’t patrol the area more often.

“I’ve called the police before when there has been trouble but by the time the police get here the people causing the trouble have already taken off,” she said.