A loose nut encounters amos 

By Gary Mitchell

a view from under the pew
Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hurling himself at the keyboard keys, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

a loose nut encounters amos 

boss i was just minding my
own business the other day
when this little green
pistachio rolls unsteadily
across my path 

are you drunk says me 

we pistachios never get
drunk you re perhaps
thinking of el borracho
nuts or their cousins —
those famous beer nuts
we pistachio nuts may
have our faults but
we re no drunks we re
the nuts with the split
see our split shells says
he pointing with pride
to his split — shell side
with the green nut inside
whaddaya mean split
personalities says me
rather confusedly
well you see it s this
way — the outside shell
part of me makes me
roll along crookedly
like a nut who’s drunk
and disorderly
this hard ragged shell
around me makes me
roll wobbly and act crazily
it s a real test of skill — ya
gotta have determination
and will to keep from
going from rock to reel
then inside the hard shell i
have this soft green nut that s
tender and sweet to the palate
the soft part is the people s
favorite all they want is to rip it
out of the shell and savor it
so there you have it says
he the dichotomy that s me

for at once i am soft and
i am hard  to one i m sweet
and tender and to another
as tough as a chard
in some ways i m like a
lot of people says he
at times they re nice and
kind a better friend you d
never find but at other
times they re hard and cruel
with faces set like flint and
words that kick like mules 

but why should they be
like that says me can t
they see the ambiguity
it s not necessarily
ambiguity says he to me
both sides are part of
the whole  each has its
own role don t you see

one protects the other
and the other is the
essence of the one
now you re talking in
circles says me

i don t mean to be says he
it s just that each part
is necessary to the whole
take me for instance you
might call me an ambiguity
but my shell is my
protection and my soul
inside is who i am
but i don t have a shell
does that mean i don t
have a soul either says me
no you have hair on the
outside but you have a soul
that is your mousy essence
on the inside
how sweet it is depends on
how much you allow god
to touch it with his presence 

boss i m not sure it s wise
to have pistachio nuts advise
little mousy guys like me
i m not sure how i feel about
being part or whole or what
to do about my little hairy soul
ps — keep the faith anyway
the bread of life is still worth
the taste  besides it lasts a
lifetime — and beyond