Producers like Clovis for movie site

By Ryan Lengerich: CNJ staff writer

A feature movie will be shot in Clovis this year, a film company representative told the Clovis City Commission Thursday.

Alan Swain, location manager for “Believe in Me Productions,” said this week’s Clovis tour has him confident at least part of the feature film “Believe In Me,” will be shot in Clovis.

“How much we do here is increasing,” he said.

Swain will return to Clovis next week accompanied by film producers and directors. He said he has sent pictures back to producers and directors in Los Angeles and received a positive response.

Filming is slated for late September.

“You can modernize without completely destroying the great history that you have here. A lot of towns don’t have a history like this,” Swain said. “We can take Clovis and turn it into any amount of places.”

In this case, Swain will turn Clovis into a 1960s version of Oklahoma.

Set in the ‘60s, “Believe In Me,” will be based on a true story about an Oklahoma girls basketball coach who takes his team to the state championship. Swain compared it to a women’s basketball version of the 1986 sports epic “Hoosiers.”

“It will give our citizens a chance to enjoy something they don’t often get to enjoy,” Clovis Mayor David Lansford said. “It is really exciting to have a movie produced here, especially a basketball movie. A big part of our Clovis community interest is basketball.”

The movie will carry with it a $7.5 million budget and more than 100 outsiders to the town, Swain said. Locals will also be given a chance to earn speaking parts and residents will be counted on for extras.

Swain said he is still in search of a cotton field with a nice 1960s style ranch house for filming.

“We really need the support of the town. I know $7.5 million sounds like a lot but it really doesn’t go that far,” Swain said.