Amos goes to new mouse city

By Gary Mitchell: CNJ correspondent

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.
Of late, Amos has become obsessed with the thought of missions. One day, he walked across a picture of a starving, orphaned mouse in India, and he claims that the innocent little fellow’s gaunt face and emaciated whiskers have haunted him every night until he decided to do something about it.
For one thing, he replaced all of his “Cheeses of the World” posters (which lined the walls of his cozy matchbox home) with pictures of gaunt, starving animals from all over the world.
In addition, he has become a regular contributor to the Worldwide Three-Blind-Mice Aid to the Disabled Fund and has started shipping all his old woolen mittens (which he found once upon a time but thinks they must have belonged to three little kittens) to all the poor Eskimo mice in Alaska.
He even doubled his donation to the Lottie Mouse Christmas Offering, but he still felt that he should be more personally involved in the mission effort. When the opportunity opened for him to go with a mission team to New Mouse City, his eagerness to go bubbled over into this week’s column.

amos goes to new
mouse city

the lord has told me to meet
him in new mouse city boss
that s where he said the
harvest will be
at first i was so excited boss
i nearly forgot to pack my
bible and then i was so ashamed
of my forgetfulness that i
debated whether i ought to
take me or not
it didn t take the devil long to
pick up the message on his
new-fangled intercom system
and when he approached me he
wasn t dressed in anything so
recognizable as a fire-engine
red serpent s suit
wrapped in a kindly old saint s
shawl he offered me a green
stomach that trembled all
the time
he came to me again in
explorer s boots and
a knapsack brandishing
for me a heart inflated
with lusty adventure
retreating then to the
saintly shawl he came
to me a third time looking
more like a gangster s
moll than a kindly old
saint – and he tommy-
gunned me down with
my inadequacies
while i was lying
in a heap there
at the bottom
of the valley road
jesus passed by
and gave me enough
strength to look
to him
and in looking to
him i was lifted up
and filled to
balloon-size with
his spirit
there was a big
hole in my balloon
and his spirit kept
flowing out but i
never deflated

and my balloon is
flying me to new
mouse city boss but
sometimes my tail
hangs down and
drags the ground

the devil steps on it
once in a while but
one of these days
he ll get a hot
foot for what
he s been doing

p s – next time i ll be
home boss keep the
coffee brewing
the cheese of life
sure has a nice
flavor here