City should have own water company

Letters to the Editor

This is in response to the article about a proposed water-rate hike from New Mexico-American Water company:
When is this city going to wake up? NMAWC is a for-profit company that must please its stockholders. We are the largest city in New Mexico that does not possess its own water company. Even Portales has its own water company and the disparity is seen in the water rates. Last Sunday’s article in this paper identifies that water in Clovis is more than twice as expensive as the water in Portales. Is our water really that much better? Or is it because we are subsidizing a for-profit company and lining the pockets of stockholders and executives, most of whom are not even in this state?

Here is a quote from American Water, the parent company of NMAWC, from its Web site.

Its “strategies” include: “Own, acquire, and invest in regulated water and wastewater utilities that demonstrate the ability to consistently earn rates of return that exceed the cost of the capital involved.

Deliver profitable water, wastewater, and other water resource management services for communities and industries.

Deliver water, wastewater, and water resource products and facilities needed or desired by customers, communities, and industries in a manner that enhances shareholder value.”

As you can see, American Water has its best interests in mind. We need to take back our water and put the profit where it belongs — in the pockets of the homeowners and the city of Clovis.

Harry Stone

Rates increase, water supply doesn’t
I drive through my neighborhood and sadly note that where lush green lawns and beautiful flowers once were, it is now brown and dead looking. I also note that our local water company is advertising in the paper that there is a water shortage, and please don’t water your yards. Then I turn to the legal notices and see, as usual, large numbers of applications for new water wells for agriculture.

All of this leads me to believe the shortage exists, because the water company has not used any of the past rate increases to add capacity to keep up with the growth Clovis has been experiencing.

They drive a fleet of new clean trucks that appear to be washed on a regular basis, but then they own the water.
I believe it is time to deny them rate increases until they can show us they are going to take care of business in this community, add capacity, and give us the service that a growing city needs and deserves from a monopoly utility.

Stanley L Glenn

Stewart’s arrogance speaks volumes
Like most people, I too thought Martha Stewart was being picked on.

However, after viewing her performance in front of the court building trying to sell her products without any display of shame or remorse, I believe she should go directly to jail.
Her arrogance speaks volumes. She learned well from President Clinton: Lying to government officials doesn’t seem to faze her and apparently she believes there are special rules for the wealthy.

I strongly recommend we all stop buying any of her products until she apologizes to the American public.

Ruben A. Pro