God, not politicians, saves us from evils

Letters to the Editor

We finally heard who our earthly savior is!

Did you hear John Kerry’s campaign speech at the NAACP convention in Philadelphia on July 15? He has promised to solve all of America’s problems.

He will fix the 10 percent black unemployment rate. He will solve the medical needs for the 44 million uninsured. He will help the millions of children left behind in education. He will help the middle class and working Americans who have lost jobs to overseas countries. He will end the sufferings of millions in worldwide countries who are dying from starvation, AIDS and many other diseases.

Wars will only be entered when we have to. We will make friends of other countries and not create hate for Americans, etc.

Now we know no man on Earth can fulfill all these promises. Kerry will try by taking money away from successful hard-working Americans through excessive taxation.

This has already been tried in the last 50-60 years by people like Kerry and still very little improvement exists in any of the above areas.

Only God, our Creator, can solve all of these problems. We can begin by restoring our great God to be the very foundation for all of our needs, just as our founding fathers did for this great country.

What we need to do is remove evils such as abortion, pornography, homosexuality, sexual abuse and same-sex marriages. We need to restore prayer in all public schools, keep the Pledge of Allegiance, keep “In God we Trust” in our American lifestyle and keep all symbols of The Ten Commandments.

If America turns back to God we may see loss of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires that are killing humans throughout this world.

Len Santi

Officials haven’t seen continued water waste
Regarding the recent article headlined, “Water conservation working:”

Apparently the “officials” have not been out and about in the city. If they had, they would have observed autos being washed, lawns being watered during the hottest part of the day … and automatic sprinkler systems watering too often.
Maybe more media blitz through radio, TV, and newspapers would be beneficial. How about posters at businesses?
And why have a stop date for water restrictions? This practice should be year around as long as the drought conditions persist. I have seen articles in other newspapers where these restrictions are enforced.

Remember people: This is your water. Use it wisely.

H. M. Richards

Protecting children from injury important
Regarding the recent article headlined, “Kids hurt in slide collapse:”

My 7-year-old daughter was on the slide when it collapsed. I was standing right next to it with my 2-year-old daughter in my arms.

When I saw the slide was tipping, I tried to stop it, but couldn’t by myself. It fell on top of me and my 2-year-old.

None of us were seriously hurt, we were just sore, but I know some children were hurt.

It really bugs me when I hear someone say, “It’s never happened before.”

No one should wait until someone is hurt to take reasonable precautions, especially when it comes to kids who trust us to make them safe.

Danielle Lopez