School board elects new member

By Darrell Todd Maurina: CNJ staff writer

The newest member of the Clovis Municipal School Board has never held public office before, but that didn’t deter Lola Bryant from applying for a vacant position.
Bryant told the school board Tuesday night that she learned about the vacancy caused by George Banister’s April 30 resignation and decided to apply after talking to her family.
“I love children and I want to help children,” Bryant told the board. “To me, education is so important to everyone.”
Bryant, a third-generation Clovis resident who is a mother of five and grandmother of two, said her philosophy of education involves providing a supportive environment for children.
“Education should be with kindness and children should be encouraged,” Bryant said. “If someone is struggling, give them a helping hand if you can.”
As a full-time homemaker and school volunteer, Bryant said she has the time to commit to the school board.
“I do know it’s going to take a lot of time and I’m ready for it,” Bryant said.
Interviewed after her selection, Bryant said she hopes to get to work soon.
“I’m very excited and I look forward to working alongside the current board members,” Bryant said. “I want to be involved with students … and be a positive influence in their lives.”
Board president Laura Harlan, a 13-year veteran of the school board, said she enjoys helping new board members learn their jobs and will assist Bryant in her new role.
“There are a couple of different areas where we will bring Lola up to speed,” Harlan said.