Primary Ballot

The following local, state and national primary candidates will be on local ballots on June 1, election day.

President of the United States
George W. Bush, Republican
David Cobb, Green Party
Paul Glover, Green
Kent Mesplay, Green
Carol Miller, Green
Lorna Salzman, Green

United States Representative, District 3
Tom Udall, Democrat
Gregory M. Tucker, Republican

Justice of the Supreme Court
Edward L. Chavez, Democrat
Ned S. Fuller, Republican

Judge of the Court of Appeals
Michael E. Vigil, Democrat
Paul D. Barber, Republican

State Senator, District 7
Robert L. Frost, Democrat
Clinton D. Harden, Jr. Republican
Fred L. Sparks, Democrat

State Senator, District 27
Stuart Ingle, Republican

State Senator, District 42
Gay G. Kernan, Republican
Will Palmer, Republican

State Representative, District 63
Jose A. Campos II, Democrat
Russell R. Grider, Republican
State Representative, District 64
Anna M. Crook, Republican

State Representative, District 67
Brian K. Moore, Republican

Ninth Judicial District Judge
Teddy L. Hartley, Democrat
Joe Parker, Republican

Ninth Judicial District Attorney
Matthew E. Chandler, Republican
Brett J. Carter, Republican

Public Education Commission, District 9
Denis James Roch, Republican

Curry County Commission District 2
Pete Hulder, Republican
Raymond J. Montoya, Republican
Carol S. Nichols, Republican

Curry County Commission District 4
Albin Smith, Republican
Gloria Wicker, Democrat

Curry County Commission District 5
Tim Ashley, Republican
Paul D. Barnes, Democrat

Curry County Clerk
Mario Trujillo, Democrat

Curry County Treasurer
Rhonda Bookout, Republican
Beni A. Dampier, Republican
Rachel Toney, Democrat