Party switching displays lack of loyalty

Letters to the editor

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the hundreds of “Democrats” who have suddenly turned Republican, mainly so they can vote in the upcoming district attorney’s election. Is it just me, or is this wrong?
What’s the point of declaring a party affiliation if it’s that easy to switch back and forth?
Speaking of switching, why are politicians allowed to switch affiliation, simply so they can run for election? Where’s the loyalty? Basically, one can go through life as a Democrat or Republican, see an opportunity to get a job, then switch to be able to run for it. Something doesn’t seem right.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m about the least-political person around. I’m not writing this to show off my political savvy. But even from a politically uninvolved citizen, it’s ridiculous that this goes on. Just goes to show the lack of loyalty that I have come to expect from politicians.
How about implementing a waiting period for changing parties? I figure there is a waiting period in some states in order to purchase a firearm and politicians are much more dangerous than the average gun, so why not make them wait?
So in the upcoming race for district attorney, may the best candidate (Republican or Democrat or somewhere in between) win.
And, by all means, all of you Republican-voting Democrats get out there and vote. Then, the day after your guy wins or loses, go to the county clerk’s office and switch back to Democrat.
—Scott Lubera

Mudslinging in DA’s race unnecessary
I am very disappointed to hear all the negative comments from Brett Carter and his campaign trying to discredit Matthew Chandler in the district attorney’s race.
I have known Chandler for many years through church, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Rotary Club, and I know what kind of a man he is and what he stands for.
He is a very hard working, Christian man who genuinely cares about other people. Matt’s character is above reproach and he puts Christ first in his life and lives his life that way.
I am thrilled that Matt has chosen to return to the community in which he was raised. He cares deeply about this community, and as most of us will be raising his family here. He is extremely motivated in making Clovis a safe place to live.
Matt will make an excellent district attorney because he is a bright, intelligent, energetic and highly motivated gentleman.
I for one, as a life-long resident, am proud that he chooses to make his hometown my hometown.
—David Hudson

Family thankful for nursing home staff
We, the family of Vida Grimshaw, would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Dr. Ali Ghaffari, Linda Ghaffari and the entire staff of Buena Vista Retirement Center for the care and love they have shown during the six years Vida has been a resident there.
When she could no longer care for herself, we were elated that her long-time family doctor recommended Buena Vista. We had been visitors in several nursing homes in New Mexico and other states and found Buena Vista to be far superior in many aspects of operations. Patients seemed to be well taken care of, happy and pleased to be patients there. They also spoke highly regarding the facility.
We, as well as my mother and the rest of our family, would like to give those at Buena Vista Retirement Center a heart-felt thank you for the kindness and loving care they have given.
She loves being in the home and loves the staff.
—George and Pat Grimshaw
California City, Calif.