Purple Press staff champions of free press

Letters to the editor

My hat is off to the Purple Press staff members who were recently punished for offending, apparently, one or more school administrators. They are to be commended for being members of the only group in the U.S.A. that stands between the citizens and the attempted abuses of power that occur every day — abuses of power that would go wholly unchecked without a free press.
They have joined an elite group of individuals who have been fined, held in contempt of court, and even jailed for protecting the First Amendment.
They have now come face to face with censorship and intimidation that always hides behind references to “following procedures” or “we are just following the rules set for all.”
I hope they learn well from this fear of intellectual and information freedom, as there will always be those who will seek to take it away from all of us. Being not quite adults yet makes this especially disturbing to me, as they are easy targets.
These students have limited resources at their disposal to fight this censorship and they are in a position to suffer consequences.
The Clovis News Journal staff, for instance, doesn’t need to worry about the impact on grades for graduation, scholarship opportunities, or stigmatization.
I admire these students’ bravery and wish them well in their continuing efforts at protecting freedom.
—Charlie Corn

Clovis lucky to have journalism program
I read with interest the article concerning the three students at Clovis High School who are in trouble for distributing fliers on their campus concerning the superintendent’s stance on prior review of their newspaper.
I have worked with Clovis publications students at several workshops and national conventions over the last couple of years and those students are well trained and know what a quality high school journalism program should be. Your community and school board should applaud the efforts of Carol Singletary and her students in producing a top-rate product for their readers.
While I have only known Singletary a couple of years, I know she is a fair and honest journalism educator who takes her job very seriously. Trust me, if Singletary has an agenda, it is to teach her students the responsibilities associated with solid reporting in a high school setting.
I cannot imagine the Clovis superintendent reinstituting prior review of the newspaper publication. I would certainly think this issue is one the school board should examine very closely and determine exactly wherein the problem lies.
The journalism program at Clovis High School is one to be honored and recognized. Most schools in your state should be so lucky to have such a quality scholastic program.
—Wayna C. Polk
Abilene (Texas) High School publication advisor

Everything possible done in truck accident
I am writing about my brother Carlos Hinojos and the terrible truck accident your newspaper recently reported on.
Carlos was credited with much bravery at the scene of the accident, which resulted in severe injuries to himself and unfortunately ended the life of William Paul. Although badly injured, Carlos maintained the presence of mind necessary to make appropriate calls to the authorities for help.
I believe Carlos did all that was humanly possible to avoid the accident and equally to bring help to the scene as quickly as possible.
Please be advised that the Hinojos family sends its deep condolences along with prayers to the family of William Paul.
We would also like to express our deep gratitude to all rescue personnel who came to the scene of the accident and did all they could to help.
—Roberto Hinojos
Frederick, Md.