Police Blotter 3/26

About noon Jan. 19, high school security staff called Clovis police regarding a public fight at the 1500 block of Reid. Upon arrival, police noticed a group of students jumping the fence into an adjacent apartment complex that was posted for no trespassing. Police arrested four students for criminal trespass and transported them to the Curry County Juvenile Detention Center.
• • •
About 1 p.m. Jan. 19, police responded to a junior high school where a teacher had called for assistance about 9:20 a.m. to break up a fight between two ninth-grade girls. Two female teachers had been unsuccessful in separating the two and the two continued their fight until the assistant principal arrived and physically removed one of the students from the classroom.
The fight bloodied one of the students and caused minor injuries to school staff. Police reported both students would be charged with public affray and interference with education and one would be charged with battery on school personnel.
• • •
Police responded about 7:40 a.m. Saturday to railroad offices where railroad staff pointed out a 37-year-old man sitting in his underwear next to a pile of clothes and a hole full of mud. When asked by police what he was doing, he responded that he was planning to defecate on railroad property.
Officers arrested him for criminal trespass and transported him to the Curry County Adult Detention Center.
• • •
Responding about 11 a.m. Monday to the Children, Youth and Families Division offices, police took a report alleging that a 48-year-old man had been putting a small toy car in his 7-year-old son’s anus. The child’s mother told police that her former husband frequently does this and he warns the boy that if he tells his mother, she would be killed.
Police reported that a medical evaluation showed anal tearing consistent with either a hard stool or some type of penetration.

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