Amos – a view from under the pew: Reflecting on Christ’s suffering

By Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except the hyphens and dashes.

After seeing Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” Amos has been intensely reviewing those devastating events of the first Good Friday in history.

The agony of the Savior in Gethsemane, the kiss of betrayal by one of his own, the mockery and injustice of a kangaroo court, the beating, the taunting and the scourging by the Roman soldiers, and finally, the cruel, torturous nailing of His body to the cross to die has completely overwhelmed our little churchmouse’s soul and intellect.

reflecting on christ s suffering

after seeing mel gibson s
portrayal of the passion
of the christ boss it shook me
to the core of my mousy being
so much so that my little tail
quivered as i stumbled out
of the movie theater
even roscoe the rat and
corky cockroach lost their
appetite for spilled popcorn
and sticky gummy bears
during the film
such agony is unutterable
unbearable to even
think about

and to think boss that
my sin
his pain
to begin with
it just makes me
hurt inside out
there was only one
solution boss i scampered
over to willifred s tiny
time traveling machine
talked willifred into installing
it in my 57 cheese-rolet
matchbox car
ya gotta take me to the
first century a d says me
but why says he
i gotta find out the truth
about jesus s agony says me

so willifred and i jumped
into my cheesy car and
off we zoomed through
time by standing still
in the blink of an eye
we found ourselves under
a pitch-black sky
surrounded by eerie
sounds and grotesque trees
it was so scary it took mounds
of courage to steady our
trembling knees

then a flickering shadow darted
behind a huge olive tree
who goes there says me
it s only i a little harmless
firefly who dares to brighten
this dismal night s sky
what are you doing here
says me with a bit of fear
oh i ve come to watch
the battle of the ages says he
these next few minutes
could spell defeat or victory
the end of life or the
beginning of a wondrous
what do you mean
simply this see that awesome
creature over there that s jesus
what s he doing says me
praying with all his soul
through all of his humanity
to link up with the strength
of his deity
but some people claim jesus
didn t really need to pray
that he was just giving us
a model for prayer says me
come look and see says he
there he was boss and just
looking at him you couldn t
help but see some of the awful
torment he was going through
he was experiencing tremendous
emotional shock – visibly shaken
under the great stress and agony
of that prayer battle – the awareness
of calvary
of becoming sin for all humankind
of suffering the wrath and
forsakenness of the father s
the aloneness of his death and
descent into the pit of hell itself
the physical agony of dying on
the cross
the ultimate spiritual conflict
between the kingdom of light
and the demonic dominion of
darkness – all of it weighed so
heavy on his mind heart soul and
body that it came upon him with
a traumatic terrifying jolt
he prayed with such intensity
and agony that his sweat came
out in literal drops of blood
all because of my sin – and
everyone s – and his great
love for us
he dropped to his knees
crying out to the father
it wasn t long before he
fell prostrate on the ground
under the weight of the
warfare he was waging
then finally as the battle
increased he literally writhed
and threw himself repeatedly
upon the ground in absolute
emotional distress
gethsemane was agony for
jesus boss
i know there are those who
feel jesus didn t need to pray
but they should have
seen him there in the garden
as my little firefly friend says
because that s where jesus really
won the battle for our souls