as the worm churns

Gary Mitchell and Amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks – except the hyphens and the dashes.

spring is about to spring
on me soon boss here

i am glowing in the
warm sunshine the
gentle breeze the
green grass the
swaying trees
it s glorious it
makes you glad to be
alive in the church
pew underground

as i was moseying
along – that s what
folks do around these
parts boss – minding
my own business and
drinking in large gulps
of life i nearly tripped
on a little stubby
earthworm just popping
up out of the ground

oh pardon me says he
i didn t mean to get
in your way on such a
sunshiny day i can
duck back down or
you can go around
i m so sorry to cause
you even a frown

that s all right little
guy says i
what brings you out
to roam about do you
just need a place to
cheer and shout

no i ve never been here
above the ground before
i ve never seen bluebirds
soar nor heard
the ocean roar

i ve lived with dirt
most of my life churned
around the world in
muddy strife forever
wishing for a shovel or
even a knife

so why says i did you
come up to the surface
does all that mud and
dirt make you nervous

no says he but being
in the dark and damp
soil with nothing to do
but wiggle and toil
makes your outlook on
life dim and gray
you keep looking for a
better way to live out
your life in a cheerier
way but instead you
face miles of dirt
sticks and stones that
jab and hurt

life is dull life is bland
oh how i wish i were a
man or a woman or
something that lives
above the land

i have no purpose i have
no plan what use am i in
the grand scheme of god
or man – or even of dust
and sand

my life is over i might as
well lie down and die
he says with a great big sigh

wait wait says me your
life is necessary trust me
if it weren t for you guys
tunneling through the earth
there would hardly be any
springtime or seasonal rebirth

you help make the flowers
and daffodils grow your
continuous toil keeps
breaking down the soil and
gives life to plants and trees
puts beauty in flowers and
leaves and creates homes
for birds and bees

you guys are the unsung
heroes of spring
whose efforts we should
proclaim and sing

in fact your lifestyle is
the epitome of christianity
what the apostle paul says
in 2 corinthians four-twelve
so then death worketh in us
but life in you

so three cheers for earthworm
christians boss may their
kind live long and their joy
be full