Amos poeticizes a painting

By Gary Mitchell and Amos

Editor’s note: Amos, the erstwhile poetic church mouse, types by hurling himself at the keys, but he can’t use the capital shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except the hyphens and dashes. Lately, Amos has been having a tough time gaining inspiration for his writing. He has tried a number of suggestions to get rid of his writer’s block, including some warm milk and cheese late at night, but it just fed his insomnia. He tried tying bows on his tail, but he kept getting himself hung up on doorknobs, rocks and sticks in the church yard. He even tried his grandmother’s suggestion of prune juice, but it didn’t exactly create a run of ideas. Amos didn’t know where to turn next, so he took a walk outside.
amos poeticizes a painting
the other day i stumbled
across a ripped-out page
from the m encyclopedia
boss and it intrigued me
on the ripped-out page
it had a picture of a
painting created by the
famous renaissance
artist michelangelo
it was called the creation
of adam and it was
enthralling  i couldn t
get away from it
its images haunted me
the rest of the day
finally i had to do
something about it – and
the only thing i know how
to do boss is write
something so this is
what came out
across the gray
  immensity of time
the hand of i am descended
to build a world
  of cold atoms
of dead mountains
  of tormented seas
and a clay robot as
  master of it all
but into this
chaotic dark and
  meaningless mass
stretched this time
  the hand of love
to touch life to the
  soul of man
so there it was boss
although it certainly
does no justice to
the work itself
as i stood staring at
the painting and at
my poem freddy the
flea hopped across the page
hey what s this says he
it s a painting of the
creation of adam says i
and you wrote a poem
about it says freddy can
i read it
sure if you want to says
i a bit embarrassed
i don t understand it
says he what does it mean
it just says that god
created humankind says i
even more embarrassed
but isn t that who created
you and me too says he
is that what makes human
beings so special
yeah i guess so says i
and then i thought for a
moment that s what makes
anybody special
with that freddy hopped
happily away and i
returned to stare at
that glorious painting
boss wishing i could
see the real thing at the
sistine chapel someday
such are the hopes and
dreams of the church
pew underworld