Student finds it’s not ‘OK’ to scalp tickets

By Jack King

Call it “Oklahoma’s Soda Pop Caper.”
Clovis police are investigating an alleged case of ticket scalping at last week’s musical production of “Oklahoma” by a Clovis High School sophomore. Police say one student may have used his ill-gotten gains to buy soft drinks.
According to a police report, a student was taking tickets for the high school musical at the door of Marshall Auditorium. He said he collected tickets at the door, then gave them to another student, who took them outside and sold them for $3 or $4 a piece. He said the second student gave him $7 as his share of the scalping operation, according to the report.
According to an advertisement, tickets for the play were $5 each.
The report said the first student’s stepfather noticed he had been drinking “a lot” of sodas and knew the family had not bought them. When he investigated the boy’s room he found nine tickets from the play and a backstage pass.
The stepfather contacted school authorities, who contacted school resource officer Dale Rice.
Rice interviewed the two students alleged to have taken part in the scheme and one other alleged to have known about it.
Two of the students denied involvement in the caper — one said he had no knowledge of it, while the other said he had discussed scalping, but “was only joking” and did not take part.
Clovis Municipal Schools Music Director Wayne Anderson said he was aware police were investigating the incident.
“It’s disturbing, but these things will happen. I hope it won’t take anything away from ‘Oklahoma,’” he said.
Police Chief Bill Carey said Thursday a report on the incident has been completed and should go to a district court judge today. The judge would decide whether probable cause exists to issue an arrest warrant, he said.