‘Sex and the City’ ends after six seasons


Torn between two lovers, Carrie Bradshaw returned to Mr. Big and New York, ditching Aleksandr in Paris, on Sunday’s finale of ‘‘Sex and the City.’’
“I liked the conclusion, and it was in keeping with what I expected about the series,” said Christy Mendoza, cultural arts director and instructor in theater at Clovis Community College. “It was about connecting little things that let us know who we are in life.
“It taught that love is a process and the first part of that process is knowing what you are, and that’s what happened to Carrie,” she said. “The ending worked for that show. Had she ridden off into the sunset with someone, I don’t think that would have worked.”
Carrie’s big decision settled a question this HBO comedy had been building toward for six seasons: What man, if any, would Carrie end up with?
The satisfying answer: Carrie (series star Sarah Jessica Parker) chose the on-again/off-again businessman beau (Chris Noth) with whom she first struck sparks on the series’ premiere.
But first, she had to confront her mistake in leaving her world behind to move to Paris with Aleksandr, the self-involved, neglectful artist played by Mikhail Baryshnikov.
‘‘I am someone who’s looking for love, real love … can’t-live-without-each-other love — and I don’t think that love is here,’’ Carrie tells him.
Moments later, Big, who has come to his senses and races across the ocean to bring her home, finds her, alone, in her hotel lobby.
‘‘It took me a really long time to get here,’’ he says. ‘‘But I’m here. Carrie, you’re the one.’’
After nearly 100 romantic and often raunchy installments, ‘‘Sex’’ closed the book with a top-secret, much-hyped conclusion that made good on its promise to resolve the love life of New York sex columnist Carrie.
Meanwhile, it nicely tied up some details concerning her three gal pals.
The Manhattan-set series, which premiered in June 1998, became a cultural phenomenon, defining a new breed of modern woman who wasn’t afraid to talk about men — and her desire for them — with raw honesty even as she placed top priority on friendships with other women.
The series’ top executive, Michael Patrick King, and the show’s cast are in discussions with HBO about a movie that would continue the saga, HBO spokeswoman Tobe Becker confirmed.

CNJ staff writer Michelle Seeber contributed to this story.