Police, deputies search for subject


Bovina police and Parmer County deputies spent much of Tuesday evening hunting for a man who fled police for unknown reasons, according to Parmer County Sheriff Randy Geries.
“The (Bovina) chief of police was dispatched to some disturbance; he was talking with a bunch of kids and was outnumbered quite a bit, so they called in our deputies to help,” Geries said.
As officers began to arrive, an unidentified man fled the area and police and deputies began a house-to-house manhunt.
“Of course when they go house to house looking for this guy it makes it look like there is a full-scale search,” Geries said. “We always think he must be guilty of something for running, and that’s why we went looking for him.”
Geries said neither Bovina police nor Parmer deputies had found the man by 10:30 p.m. Central Time. Bovina police chief Leon Sadler could not be reached for comment.