LETTERS: Bond decision needs to benefit teachers

On Tuesday, Clovis voters will have the opportunity to decide on a $5 million bond election with the money earmarked for school renovations and maintenance, and the addition of fiber optics in the Clovis schools.
There will be much talk of the importance of this bond issue to ensure the continued excellence of education at all levels in the Clovis public schools.
Because education is so much in the news at this time, I believe it is also a good time for citizens of Clovis to reflect upon the excellence of the teachers, staff and building administrators in this school system.
Quite often it is when a problem arises, whether it be a disciplinary issue or a classroom complaint, that the public hears or reads the name of an educator.
The majority of the classroom teachers in Clovis are smart, caring, and dedicated to the success of their students. These teachers are too numerous to mention by name, but every day in every school in Clovis they do their jobs, and they do them well.
Classroom teachers will be the first to say that in order for them to do what they do best, there must be an enthusiastic and supportive principal behind them — a principal who has their respect and to whom they can go when they have questions, problems, issues to resolve.
I believe that two such principals are Sharon Epps, principal at Highland Elementary School, and Andy Sweet, principal at Clovis High School.
Whatever your decision on the bond election, it is because of caring teachers and those who support them that you are able to read and comprehend the issues.

Diana Huey

Bush doing things history will regret
President Bush’s State of the Union speech was well written and well delivered. But those were pretty words covering not-so-funny truths.
It is deception to claim that the current recovery, quite real, is due to the folks spending their own money toward prosperity.
The Bush recovery is a classic top-heavy example of Keynesian stimulus, disguised as tax-cutting populism. It’s just like the Reagan recovery, driven by deficit cash thrown at the military.
It works, but it would work better if the money was for kids, schools, health care, public works, the environment, and jobs.
The Bush presidency is about the few of us, and it is economically indisputable. This recovery is for the few. Top CEOs make many millions, while thousands of needed national and state programs for those in need are praised, then cut.
This is called bait and switch.
The president is not evil. Born to great wealth, he would fail Economics 101 anywhere. Sad, but not evil.
He has the trappings of control, but he is not in control. His vaunted iron will helps him to overlook the fact that he is in completely over his head.
Big corporations control President Bush. He is the CEO under their command. We can like it or not, but it is a political fact.
Bush is doing things I believe the judgment of history will regret, from Enron to Iraq.
He should not be president now, and certainly should not be president next January.

Kirby Rowan