Sidney seeks god

Amos the church mouse

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys but he can’t use the shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks — except for hyphens and dashes.

sidney seeks god

one evening last week
boss i bumped into a
little flashing red light
it was sidney the shutterbug

i m on my way to
find god says he
so i thought i would
start at the church
pew underworld
church house but
nobody s there – not
even pastor leroy beetle

i m here says me

oh you don t count
says he you re always
here like last year s
old shoes whether we
need you or not – you re
not at all like god

thanks a lot says me you ve
really made my day sid
now why don t you go away

oh you know what i mean
says he but he flew away

boss he flew from one place
to another without much
success he flitted from
one religious function to
another he cried at
bugtussle s biggest
funerals he dodged rice
at bugtussle s finest
society weddings
but still god was nowhere
in sight

sidney flew from the
grandest cathedrals
to the lowliest tents
and god was either
coming or god had
already went

god was nowhere to
be found neither in
the country nor in the
big bad town

sidney then tried to join
the french flying – not
frying boss – legion but
they were looking for
dive-bombing mosquitoes
so he went to join the
navy sea bees but he
couldn t pass as an
underwater flying bee

he was hoping to find
god in the trenches and
the horrors of war-is-hell
fighting but to no avail

finally boss sid flittered
home discouraged and
despairing of his quest

oh where is god he moaned
and wailed i ve searched
in the highest heavens and
even in the lowest hell

but then along came sally
the lowly sugar ant who was
weeping and crying over her
fate in life

no one cares about me cried
she look at the state of my
misery i m down and out
not a penny to count
no bread or food tell me then
where s the good

sally dragged all six of her
legs no one cares there s no
light to see no way for me

but then she looked up and
saw the flickering flashes
of sid s little light

oh what a pretty sight how
lovely and bright sally cried
with delight god still loves
me god still cares – to send
someone with such a cheerful

and somehow boss sidney
understood that god was there
all along and didn t need to
be found at all – after all he
wasn t lost he just needed to be
seen with the eyes of faith

you know amos sidney said to me
it s a mistake to think that god
is only – or even chiefly –
concerned with religion

he is the essence of life love
joy and serenity