City officials’ pay raise was unjustified

On Jan. 8, our city officials voted themselves an exorbitant 29 percent pay raise while asking for tax increases to fund important projects. This is unconscionable.
The Ute water project is looming on the horizon, as is increased compensation for deserving city workers including the police and fire departments, emergency response personnel, and many other dedicated and essential city workers.
I submit the commissioners’ untimely action is irrational and certainly unjustified to date.
Commissioners are elected to office. Therefore, they work for us, the voters. In my opinion, we should at least have input to their adjusted benefits. If they are not satisfied with their compensation package they shouldn’t run for office.
With these thoughts in mind, maybe one of the “yes” voting commissioners will get brave enough to respond to this letter and offer realistic justification for the pay raise. If it makes sense, I will offer my apology and full support of their action.
Denver Jones

City will answer to voters
While I believe city commissioners have and perform a very valuable job, I question their reasoning behind the pay raise they awarded themselves.
For the past several years, our city employees have been asking for a pay raise without any luck. Our commissioners have refused this request because of the so-called lack of funds. Yet, they turn around and give themselves one. Something is wrong here.
Our police and fire departments are very shorthanded because we are not paying them enough money. Our emergency personnel are leaving our city to go to other places where they earn more for their families.
I do not have anyone in my family who works for the city of Clovis. I do not have anything personal to gain by writing this letter.
This pay raise rubs me the wrong way. Commissioners who voted for it are going to have to answer to the voters.
The city of Clovis needs commissioners who think of other people’s needs besides their own.
City commissioners need to think before they take a step forward.
Ben Moralez

Bible study members not ignorant, but free
In response to Shirley Rollinson’s “To rewrite Bible is to spread deception” (Sunday’s CNJ):
The participants of the Bible study at Llano Estacado Community Church in Portales are not “unwary” or “ignorant,” as Rollinson suggested. All of us, gay and straight, are intelligent and educated; many of us hold post-undergraduate degrees, and we are all familiar with Scripture.
The purpose of our study is to take a look at four passages of the Bible that some say condemn homosexuality.
What we have discovered about two of the four passages is the Bible, through human error, has been mistranslated and the Old Testament itself does not condemn homosexuality.
We have discovered this by asking, in part, whether the Biblical words of Aramic/Hebrew have been translated into English accurately. We have found they have not been. Now we’re wondering why.
Rollinson mentioned that our approach to studying the Bible is a rewriting of it and is a “grievous distortion of the truth.”
To believe her is to think the Bible hasn’t already been rewritten and hence mistranslated many times throughout history.
To test the accuracy of this hypothesis, I turned to Galatians 3:1 and compared a 1948 version of the Bible passed down from my grandmother to a 1991 version.
What I found is that during a 43-year period, the passages and wordings are substantially different. You can test this yourself if you have some time.
The visiting reverend is a good person who insists that we be wise and aware. At Llano, I’m learning how to trust the spirit of God and feel the compassion of others based on heart and mind.
At Llano, we are free, and this is the first time I’ve been free to be intelligent in a house of God in 30 years.
Gina L Hochhalter