Clovis shows new resolve

By Jack King

At the beginning of a new year it is always popular to make a resolution — something you intend to do during the next 365 days to improve your life or that of those around you.
In a quiz of local officials about their New Year’s resolutions Wednesday, most said 2003 was such a good year they only want more of the same in 2004.
The rest said they plan to diet and exercise.
Here is a sampling of their New Year’s resolutions:
> City Manager Ray Mondragon: To continue to work hard as a city manager, to continue the economic growth we’ve experienced, to work even harder in 2004, and to make things better for our employees and citizens.
> Assistant City Manager Joe Thomas: I’m going to try to be a little more conscious about what I eat and lose a little weight. Also, I’m going to try to spend more time with my grandsons.
> City Clerk/Finance Officer Don Clifton: I hope 2003 is just like 2004. It was a great year. I’m sure not going to lose any weight; that’s no fun.
> City Codes Enforcement head Marcus Brice: I want to lose about 50 pounds, plus I want to make Clovis a more beautiful place to live in. We’re going to reinvigorate the “Beautify Clovis” program in the coming year.
> City Commissioner Kevin Duncan: I’m going to try to lose some weight.
> City Commissioner Juan Garza: Just to continue having the progress and economic success we’ve been having. Not all communities are having this success.
> City Commissioner Gloria Wicker: I’ve been trying to avoid that.
> County Commissioner and Commission Chairman Tim Ashley: I’m going to resolve to gain some weight. I always try to make New Year’s resolutions I know I can keep.
> Country Treasurer Linda Hall: Be nicer to Danny Davis and Lee Delk, and make them be nicer to me. They were teasing me this morning.
> Sandy Chancey, city grants coordinator, and Vicki Reyes, administrative assistant to the city manager: We’ve resolved never to make another New Year’s resolution — and we’re going to be each other’s support group to make sure we keep that resolution.
> Amanda Ware, ambulance billing clerk for the fire department: Chocolate! I’m going to swear off eating chocolate. Well, on most days. Starting tomorrow.
> Becky Reeves, administrative assistant for the fire department: To be a better person.
> Margarita Dixon, accounts receivable clerk for the city finance department: To be a better person.
> Ramona Frogge, administrator in the city public works department: None! It just saves me from breaking them.
> Edie Gay Longley, accounts receivable clerk for the city finance department: Exercise more.
> Lance Pyle, executive assistant to the Curry County manager: I only need five more hours to complete my bachelor’s degree. That’s going to be my goal this year. Also, exercise more.
> Serlene Saiz, receptionist in the county manager’s office: The Atkins Diet.
> Coni Jo Lyman, chief deputy county clerk: Try to do better, in all ways, than I did last year.
> Rachel Toney: chief deputy county treasurer: I’m going to improve my driving habits.