The teddy bear dream part two

By Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:
a view from under the pew

 Editor’s note: Last week, Amos dreamed about three small teddy bears in a barn, one with a scar across his heart, one with wrinkles and a lot of wear and tear and one with a forlorn face. In the dream, Elijah the little green lizard delivered a word of comfort and encouragement for the teddy bear with a wounded heart. Elijah then moves on to the other two teddy bears. Amos is a church mouse who types by hurling himself at the keys but he can’t use the shift keys and he shuns punctuation marks – except for hyphens and dashes.

the teddy bear dream
part two

the little green lizard
turned to the teddy bear who
looked wrinkled and worn

here is a word from the
lord for older believers

said elijah to the little
bear isaiah forty-four
twenty-one says thou shalt
not be forgotten of me
you are the lord s servant
he has formed you to serve
him you will never be
forgotten by him
with precious memories
you can look back over your
life and see that the lord
has done great things for you

he has redeemed you
supplied your needs
blessed you preserved you
and protected you

now you are entering the
twilight years of your life
your working years are
behind you but you can be
assured of this – god has
begun a good work in you
and he will complete it

you will never be discarded
by the lord neither will you
be neglected he cares for you

even in these latter years
you will be fruitful and
productive in the lord s eyes

hebrews six-ten says god
is not unrighteous to forget
your work and labor of love

then elijah turned to the
small teddy bear that looked
so sad and dejected

here is a word from the lord
for those who are lonely

there may be others around
you but you are all alone
and forlorn

this has been forced on you by
a chain of events over which
you have no control

so there is now
a void within you
but you must rise above your
loneliness – i have a higher
position for you –
the lord says – flee to me
for strength for comfort
and for guidance

as i stretch forth my hand of
power bringing you out of
your loneliness you will again
return to fruitful activity –

you will reach out and touch
others who have needs
i know your loneliness
you must remember that i sat
over a city of thousands and
wept alone – there was none
with me

i know you by name i have
watched the decisions you
have made i have seen the
disappointments as they came
to you and i know where you
have been hurt

but this is all for a purpose
that in your brokenness
a fragrance may come forth
that will make someone else s
load a little lighter

someone else s path a little
brighter someone else s
song a little happier

thus you will be a channel of
blessing you will be an
outflowing river of refreshing

then elijah walked away and
all three teddy bears began
to smile a wide smile boss