Area veterans meet need for new memorial

Freedom Newspapers

T he Clovis Joint Veterans Council announced last week it plans to build a monument to Curry County veterans who have been killed in war.
This is great news.
Curry County has a prominent war memorial: six stone tablets outside Clovis/Carver Public Library “Dedicated to Curry County veterans who served their country.” But those tablets do not make war personal. Two tablets are blank and none list the names of soldiers killed in action.
The memorial planned by the Joint Veterans Council will include the names of about 125 local men killed during World War I, World War II and during the wars in Korea and Vietnam.
Council member Jim Cowman told a Clovis News Journal reporter last week the memorial could be dedicated next Memorial Day.
Not one tax dollar will be spent on the monument; all the money has been raised by donations from veterans and their families.
Cowman said the organization has about $6,500 in donations and pledges, all of which will be needed for the project.
Last Memorial Day, the CNJ published a list of Curry County veterans who paid the ultimate price of war. Those names are still on our Web site ( under the heading “Fallen War Heroes.”
While the Joint Veterans Council has not yet announced the names that will be posted on the monument, it will most likely include these and any others it finds through its research.
Those names will forever help us remember that freedom results from individuals’ personal courage and commitment under fire, not from political actions.
Clovis would join several area communities that already honor their war heroes by name with public displays.
In Farwell, four stone monuments pay tribute to 34 veterans who lost their lives in defense of our nation.
In Portales, about 100 names appear on the Wall of Honor in that city’s Memorial Building. They are of Roosevelt County residents who died during Korea, Vietnam and World War II.
Last spring, this newspaper challenged area veterans to build a similar display for Curry County. They have wasted no time in meeting the need.
Posting the names of Henry Drake, Joe C. Garcia, Lee R. Martinez and Freddie Joe Roberts and more than 100 others will help us remember the cost of freedom.