Memorial in works to honor area vets

By Darrell Todd Maurina

Area veterans organizations learned last week they have raised enough money in cash and pledges to begin work on a veteran’s monument outside the Clovis-Carver Public Library. The memorial will honor 125 veterans from Curry County who died in war.
Jim Cowman, representative of the retired Marine Corps organization on the Clovis Joint Veterans Council, said the project will cost about $6,500. He said donations and pledges total $6,512.
At Cowman’s request, the Clovis Joint Veterans Council passed a motion to pay a monument firm $3,250 to begin the project.
“We’re shooting for a dedication on Memorial Day 2004; I don’t see any problems unless we create some,” Cowman said.
The monument will incorporate a plaque originally given to the library shortly after World War II dedicating the library to the sacrifice of the troops. Each pillar will contain the names of those from Curry County who died in one of America’s wars: nine in World War I, 105 in World War II, five in Korea, and six in Vietnam.
“We expect some more (names), we’re still looking for additional names but how we’re going to get them we’re not sure,” Cowman said. “I think the veterans deserve long, long overdue recognition for those who were killed.”
Cowman said he was also involved in the project a decade ago to build the existing memorial at the library.
“Most cities have a war memorial somewhere, but Curry County didn’t have one, so we put that in at the library about 10 years ago and then slowly we started getting together this list of veterans who were killed,” Cowman said. “We know we are missing some, but we are way behind the power curve. This should have been done in World War I or at least after World War II.”