Some readers would give organs for free

Project: Reader Reaction

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked about donating organs and whether participants would accept money for them. Some responses:

“When I die my family knows to donate whatever I have to help someone else to survive. I don’t think anyone should except money for organ donations.”
— Mearl Thomas, Clovis

“I believe I would (accept money). I have always had a donor’s notice attached to my driver’s license and it would be nice to have enough money now to make arrangements for burial so my family wouldn’t have to worry about coming up with the money later on. I have always believed if there were something in me that I hadn’t worn out by the time I die, then hopefully someone else can use it.”
— Ardyth Elms, Clovis

“If I could prevent my organs from sustaining the life of convicted felons, I’d give them away for free upon death. I’d be rolling over in my grave knowing that I somehow helped a sexual predator hurt another a child or ruin another life. There is no amount of money worth that.”
— Richard Lopes, Clovis
“The organs in the beginning are gifts from God. They were given to us and should be given to someone to save a life; (they’re) not something to sell for a price. (I) definitely (would) not consider any offer (and) would not want anything.”
— James W. McDonald, Clovis

“I have seriously considered taking the organ donation option. I want no money for my estate nor would I expect compensation of any kind. However, I would want the receiving individual to incur no personal monetary cost for a transplant of my organs. I like to think of organ donations as working eyes for a needy child, skin for an innocent burn victim, a kidney that still works, and parts for the heart that still pump. I will be cremated and it seems less than fair to deprive a happy young person even this small legacy. My philosophy is to leave this world a better place.”
— Denver Jones, Clovis

“Organs are already being sold. It’s just that the donor is not the one being paid. It’s a grisly business and one that devalues humans to the mere meat of their bodies.
“We are already fast slipping down this slope of making the human only a physical being and not a spiritual one. …
“Those who make a profit on selling organs (and don’t kid yourself that there isn’t a profit) have already been put in the position of deciding when a person is declared dead so their organs can be harvested. What a conflict of interest.
“We are on a slippery slope to the most degenerate view of mankind in the history of the world. Paying people for their organs would only add impetus to this decline.”
— Carolyn Spence, Clovis

“I am listed as a donor … and I do not believe in charging for God’s gifts. They are priceless.”
— John Frey, Clovis

“I already am listed as a donor for any organs that are usable upon my demise. I wouldn’t take a penny in exchange for my organs and would not consider the offer. My organs came with this body and if upon my death I can help someone else out with a workable organ, than so be it. I will give someone else a chance to enjoy life to the fullest.”
— Gerald Majewski, Clovis

“I’m already on record as an organ donor. However, if someone offered me a price to reserve them for future use and had no expectations in regards to when (I plan a long life), I would probably take them up on the deal. I was going to give them away in any case, but retirees on a fixed income can always use an extra buck.
“As for the price? I have no idea what they would sell for. What ever was offered would probably do.
“I think I would like to add that I would have to be assured that the person who was making the offer was not doing so for a commercial venture, but for only personal use for a specific person or persons and would not stand to profit from it. Otherwise, I’d rather just give them away as a donor.”
— Bob Baker, Clovis