Consistency is key to raising children

Letters to the editor

I would like to address the zero-tolerance policy backed by not only the Clovis schools but many schools across the nation. This policy could be a good one if administration used common sense in situations and if punishment were consistent.
It is my job, as a parent, to teach my child right from wrong and to be consistent with my rules. This teaches children to be trustworthy, caring, respectful … the pillars of character.
At school, teachers become role models for desired behaviors. When a child does make a mistake, hopefully the rules are applied and the child learns from the punishment. If teachers and/or administration are not consistent and fair when mistakes are made, the child becomes the sufferer. They become lost in the shuffle, because the experts have not done their job.
I understand it is hard to be a disciplinarian of children. I have children and grandchildren. I also understand that punishment needs to fit the crime and consistency is one key to raising good children. When there is no consistency, problems arise.
Just look at the prisons in this country. Criminals overcrowd prisons because they believe they have a better life there or the justice system has failed. Some criminals continue to break the law once they are released; in other words, because of inconsistency, criminals are getting away with crime.
My grandson took a three-day suspension from school for fighting. He was tackled from behind and he chose to fight back. I support his decision because he has the right to defend himself. He was told suspension was policy. Until that time, he had never been in trouble. In addition, he has been on the honor roll for his school career and received many awards for good character traits.
Other students have received less punishment for similar incidents.
I am sure that my grandson will still respect the administration of the school; he is young, still learning about life. However, concerning the policy and the administration of schools, I personally have lost respect.
Don Campbell

Illegal aliens don’t deserve licenses
I read something very disturbing in the Nov. 13 paper. It seems our great governor has decided to grant drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens beginning in June.
An illegal alien will now be able to walk in to the Department of Motor Vehicles, provide their name and address, and then walk home without getting arrested and deported by Homeland Security.
Imagine if I walked in to Sears after I had just stolen half their tools. I’d admit it as I was applying for a Sears card. Then I could sit at home and smile without fear of getting arrested.
How insane is that?
California paid out $340 million to provide health care to illegal aliens in 2002. Are we next? How can anyone in their right mind request additional tax money from the people if they’re wasting your tax dollars on injustice such as this?
Richard Lopes