Student Profiles 11/13

Justin Pinckney, 17, is the son of Ronita and Greg Pinckney and a senior at Clovis High School.

What did you think about on 9/11: For a while I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t imagine walking to school or work and seeing the two towers in flames or knowing a New York firefighter, police officer or someone on one of those flights. I knew that this date would last in the history books forever.
What’s so great about your favorite sport: Basketball is a sport where you have to play offense and defense. It’s more than just athletic ability. The mental side of the game is crucial.
If you could choose any profession for a day, what would it be: An astronaut (because) it would be fascinating to be on the cutting edge of space technology. The chance to visit other planets, collect scientific samples and play in zero gravity would be awesome.
Who is your hero: My brother because of the complete person he is. He is very accomplished in athletics. His fearless attitude and confidence is something every athlete should admire. He is very smart and truly a kind person. He can always make me laugh in any situation, and also someone who always takes care of those he loves.
If I could do anything I would … travel back and forth in time. I would like to talk to Socrates, Genghis Kahn, Albert Einstein, Frederick Douglass, Queen Elizabeth, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. I would also love to see technology at work in the future.
Offices held: Senior representative in student council; Fellowship of Christian Athletes officer.
Honors achieved: All-district academic team; student Rotarian; Border Conference all-academic team; honor roll; honor society.
School activities: Varsity basketball; student council.
Church/community activities: Faith Christian Family Church; Meals on Wheels; FCA.
Hobbies: Relaxing with friends; going to the gym to work out.
Future plans: To earn a degree in veterinarian medicine and play basketball at a four-year college.

Stephen Gutierrez is the son of Amy Davis and John Gutierrez and is a fifth-grader at Cameo Elementary School.

What is your most prized possession? All of my stuff, because my mom worked hard to get it for me.
What is your favorite TV show, past and present? My favorite TV show is Dragon Ball Z, past and present.
What would you like printed on your gravestone? I would like, “Finally, I can rest in peace.”
Who’s invited to your fantasy dinner party, and why? My friend Troy’s invited because he stuck by my side when no one would.
What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear is a gun.
Honors achieved: Student of the Month (Respect), accelerated reading achievement, accelerated math achievement.
School activities: Honor choir and Christmas files play, gifted/talented program, SURE Team (Students United in Responsible Education).
Church/community activities: 180 Faith Christian Family Church
Hobbies: Collecting action figures, playing sports and spending time with family.
Future plans: I want to be in the United States Air Force.