United Way: 2003 goal is $375,000

By Eric Butler

Curry County United Way officials are looking to raise about 20 percent more money than a year ago.
“It’s an aggressive goal, but we need to let the community know that this is the bare minimum that we need to raise,” Director Erinn Burch said. “Our groups took a hit three years ago and the problems they face are still there, so that’s where we need to be — and that still doesn’t come close to what to our agencies are asking for.”
The local United Way raised about $315,000 last year, Burch said. This year’s goal is at $375,000.
So far, pledges total about $111,000 with Thanksgiving the target for meeting the goal.
Burch said this year’s goal is only slightly above the amount raised for local United Way agencies in 2000. And the collective need for those agencies hasn’t exactly gone done in the time since.
Three years ago marked the last time the Curry County United Way benefitted from an auction that was part of the El Cid horse cutting event.
That auction alone contributed about $100,000 to the United Way’s yearly campaign goal.
“We’re trying to get back on track. We’re trying to get back to those previous El Cid levels, because we know the need is there,” Burch said. “It has nothing to do with our ability to raise that money.”
Fifteen local non-profit groups are United Way agencies.
“We raise the money and the money is then allocated to local agencies, who make decisions for local services,” Burch said. “This isn’t money raised that’s going to somebody’s headquarters in some other state.
“When our agencies apply, they are letting us know where they see the community’s needs are and how they want to meet those needs.”
The Curry County United Way’s annual largest donor, the Clovis Municipal School System, has already pledged over $42,000.
Burch said the first checks are scheduled to go out in January when the United Way’s board approves allocations.

United Way Agencies
> American Red Cross
> Boy Scouts
> Clovis Meals on Wheels
> Crisis Referral Hotline
> Family and Children Court Services/Court Appointed Special Advocates
> Family Services at Cannon
> Friends of Cannon Families
> Girl Scouts
> Habitat for Humanity
> Lifesaver Food Bank
> Oasis
> Salvation Army
> Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence
> Single Parents in Need
> Youth Opportunities Unlimited