Limbaugh would not benefit from jail

Letters to the editor

Although there are many who would like to see Rush Limbaugh hoisted on his own petard (excuse my French), I say let there be no rush to judgment.
Like many Americans of all colors, Limbaugh has merely fallen prey to the chemical comforts of illicitly obtained narcotics. The weak and spiritually disadvantaged are often prime candidates for drug abuse.
Sending Limbaugh off to prison, as he has so often recommended for others trapped in the same situation, would merely create more problems. I have no desire to pay taxes necessary to house his considerable bulk behind bars. And placing him among hardened criminals learned in the art of violence and larceny would probably only lead him down a similar path. No, I want to see him out there making his millions and, hopefully, paying his taxes, too.
As with many others involved in drug abuse, Limbaugh’s past behavior is now more comprehensible. His irrational Old Testament rantings for revenge and bigoted racial commentary were probably just symptoms of this deeper problem.
Last week I represented a young man who works hard every day at his blue-collar job to support his wife and two children. He has struggled with drug abuse for years and now will be serving four years in the penitentiary for seeking solace in methamphetamines.
However, I do not wish this fate on Limbaugh, despite the fact he is a fat cat who has made a fortune off venom and vituperation. We will all be better off if he completes treatment successfully and returns to his work, hopefully with some wisdom and forgiveness learned as a result of the experience.

Charles Plath
Clovis criminal defense attorney

Limbaugh situation has skewed views
Your headline over the letters to the editor last Sunday read, “Limbaugh situation skewed by the media.”
Why is it that when conservatives have human weaknesses, it is always the “liberal” media’s fault, but when it is a liberal getting into trouble, that person is anti-Christian, unpatriotic, or immoral.
I thought Christianity was all about forgiveness but it seems the conservatives only want to forgive the people who share their philosophical views.
The writer stated that one of the political parties was so left wing it bordered on communism. Does it hold true that the right-wing conservatives border on oligarchy? The pendulum swings both ways.

Carolyn Stag

Fort Sumner’s plights mostly from outsiders
I read Tuesday’s article in the Clovis News Journal about the 19-year-old ranch hand who police say went on a crime spree in De Baca County.
I was really taken aback by the comments of the boy’s grandfather from Roy who said: “I imagine he couldn’t find work, and I don’t think the Fort Sumner area is a good area for young people to be in.”
He shouldn’t judge us by what outsiders have done while in our community.
We have problems here in De Baca County just like any other community, but it seems the worst crimes have been committed by people who don’t even live in this community.
I have raised one family here and I have grandchildren living here now. The residents who were terrorized have raised families in this community. The individuals who have come into this community and commited crimes had problems before they ever came here and just released their problems on us.

Dennis Cleaver
Fort Sumner

Snake knowledge would benefit area
Recent news reports have included accounts of eastern New Mexico residents who have suffered rattlesnake bites.
Just recently Buddy Burke, who ranches between Logan and Tucumcari, suffered a snake bite on his heel. The snake did not rattle. Buddy killed the snake and took it with him to the hospital. He was only hospitalized three days and is now able to wear his boots.
What many people don’t know is there are various species of the rattlesnake. I refer to Harper and Row’s Complete Field Guide; the North American Wildlife Western edition. It gives a complete guide about the various snakes.
One thing everyone should do if bitten (after killing the snake, if possible) is to take the snake, head and all, so that it can be identified. That information can assist medical personnel with treatment of the bite victim.
Be careful and try not to suffer a bite. This is the mating season for snakes and they are on the move as the weather cools.

Charles Brashears