Sex-ring suspect arrested

By Darrell Todd Maurina

Harry Robbs, the fourth person charged in connection with a child-sex ring in Clovis, was picked up about 1 p.m. Thursday by the United States Marshals Service while serving soup in a Santa Fe soup kitchen, Clovis police said.
Robbs, 40, had been sought since a warrant for his arrest was issued on Sept. 25. He is charged with eight counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor less than 13.
Police have said they believe as many as 18 children, mostly preteen girls, were sexual victims of adults who operated a sex “club” at a home at 700 E. 10th St. in Clovis.
Neighbors said they believe children were lured to the house by candy and toys.
Clovis Police Chief Bill Carey said he found out about Robbs’ arrest late Thursday afternoon and didn’t know much other than that Robbs is being held in the Sandoval County jail.
“All we got was a warrant confirmation and they told us to come get him as soon as possible,” Carey said. “We need to make arrangements with the sheriff’s office to go pick him up.”
Curry County Sheriff Roger Hatcher declined to say when officials might transport Robbs back to Clovis, but said he would be in Curry County by the end of next week.
Three other people are accused of involvement with the child sex ring: Anastacio Esquibel, 21, Billy Martin, 49, and Jeanette Martin, 44.