Limbaugh situation skewed by media

Letters to the editor

It is a crying shame that Rush Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN, because of a remark that has been blown way out of proportion by a media that is totally out of control.
I have been listening to Rush for many years, and he has done nothing but defend the blacks, the Hispanics, and the poor people of this nation. He also has defended America by saying that her best days are ahead of her. I don’t happen to agree with that statement, because I believe that America’s best days are behind her.
I feel this way is because of all this political correctness that’s taken over the country. It seems nowadays you can’t look at anyone crossways without being branded a racist, a homophobe or a bigot. We have a media that is out of control, we have a Congress that is for sale to the highest bidder, we have a court system that is out of control, and a political party that is so left wing it borders on being a Communist party. It seems all we do now is investigate the investigators.
Ted Kennedy has made remarks about the president that were really in bad taste. How come he hasn’t been forced to resign, as Trent Lott was for remarks he made off the cuff at a birthday party?
The secularists, who are in the minority, continue to push their agenda on America, while the majorities seem to keep silent. They continue to try to keep God out of public view, and continue to push their agenda, and it seems the courts are in favor of all that they are trying to accomplish.
Well, I thank God for the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage who are on the air and voicing what most Americans really think. It is time for the silent majority to stop being silent, or we are going to lose America, and the freedoms that our troops have died to protect.

Norm Weiner

Evolutionists were anti-homosexual
Thomas Malthus spoke of scientific racism, that one should evolve into a pure, Aryan race. Those that would not evolve should be removed from civilization.
Charles Darwin, a Malthus disciple, wrote “On the Origin of Species: The Preservation of the Favored Races in the struggle for Life.” He spoke of heterogeneous organisms as being properly evolved and that homogeneous organisms must be pressured to change or be removed.
This is what natural selection means. Darwin saw homogeneous organisms as a threat to the goal of evolution, which is a master race of fully evolved organisms.
Freud, who saw psychology as the evolution of the mind, coined the words heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and sexuality. He was a staunch believer in Darwin and was heavily influenced by him. Freud said homosexuals were evil, sick, tormented, a threat to children and needed to undergo conversion therapy in order to evolve properly.
The evolution of societal institutions is called sociology. Comte, the founder of this branch of evolution said that homogeneous organisms destroy civilizations, marriages, and families. Only heterogeneous organisms should marry and have kids. The homogeneous ones should be removed and not allowed to marry in order for society to evolve toward the master race.
God says none of the above. You won’t find any of these ideas in Scripture. Messiah, the one whose name Christians carry, said not one word on homosexuality. This issue is not a part of the gospel of Jesus. To preach a doctrine against homosexuals is to preach another Jesus, another gospel. That gospel is the gospel of evolution.

J. Jay Sanders

Denial of retired pay not fair to veterans
Auggie Jones (“Clovis vet opposes veterans benefit,” Oct. 5 CNJ) has a very distorted view of what disability means to a retired career veteran. It means that after serving and sacrifice for a career, and becoming disabled, we cannot pursue another career.
The dollar-for-dollar “tax break” amounts to a whopping $91 for me.
Auggie evidently forgets that many of us saw combat, are disabled, and are losing our earned retired pay (no other sector of government employee, other than retired military, is so effected).
Denial of retired pay is our complaint … not our disability compensation.
The way it operates now, a civilian could compare it to a Social Security benefit.
If you have a 401K or retirement plan from work, give away your Social Security benefit. Fair? Of course not. Yet that is exactly what denial of retired pay for career military disabled does.

Dan P. McCarthy

Braves’ Jones and Clovis’ Jones agree
It looks as though the Jones boys (Chipper and Andruw of the Atlanta Braves and Auggie Jones of Clovis) are not only baseball players but also are active against disabled military retirees. They must be Republicans!

Hollis Stanford
Springfield, Mo.

Clovis outraged by alleged child sex ring
I am writing concerning the child sex ring, in which police suspect 18 or more preteen girls have been victimized by at least three adults.
I have some questions that no matter how much I try I cannot come up with answers. Maybe the people of Clovis can help me.
My first question is where in the heck were these children’s parents? Didn’t they worry when their children didn’t come home? Didn’t they see any changes in their child’s behavior?
I know that when my children are late or quiet I always ask them questions.
Next, and this one really ticked me off: The wife of one of the alleged sex offenders said she was surprised at how fast a good name could be ruined.
What about these children’s names, their futures and their trust, not to mention the emotional and mental trauma they will have to live with all their lives?
One more question: The newspaper reported the woman said she walked in on one individual who was molesting a child and did reprimand him for it. If it were me, or I hope any other adult, I would have thrown this person the heck out of my home and called the police after slapping some sense into this male individual.
It angers me that adults — the prime people who are supposed to be these children’s role models — could do this. They have to be sick.
In closing, I would like to say to this woman: Quit thinking about your good name and get your priorities in order.
C.E. Craig

Clovis police officer sees city support
I woke the morning of Oct. 1 after an evening of calls for domestics, drunken drivers, shots fired, burglaries, and narcotics complaints. I got myself a cup of coffee and grabbed the newspaper to have a relaxing morning.
The front page was basically covered in an article about preteen victims of a sex club in which Clovis police investigated and made arrests. I was among officers involved in the investigation.
I then saw the article below it about city commissioners voting a pay raise for dispatchers, which I thought was great news since they are very important to a police officer’s safety and survival while on calls.
I then read the part where Juan Garza said he is offended by the fact that a petition for pay raises was out there organized by the police. Then I read how Robert Sandoval said he did a random survey with 27 people on his own and could not find any support for police pay raises.
I couldn’t even finish my coffee after that.
Where did Sandoval do his little survey? … Maybe he got the inmate list at the county jail?
It seems funny because every time I answer calls for crimes committed or calls for help I always hear from those people that the city does not pay police officers well enough. I always hear, “We support you and we appreciate you.”
Sandoval spoke of “a lot” of misinformation out there. It looks to me that he is spreading misinformation in this news article. Believe me, I speak to more than 27 people on a daily basis and that is not what I’m hearing.
I know the good people of Clovis are knowledgeable enough not to believe such rubbish.

Marty Williamson
Clovis police officer

Lack of champions hampers trial verdict
By definition, a champion is “a person who fights for another or for a cause; defender; protector; supporter /a champion of the oppressed.”
Where were the champions at the Portales district court when John Jacobs was found innocent of the rape charge against him?
Were the champions the jury? They were presented evidence of a brutal sexual assault, yet they had doubt this assault was uninvited.
Was the champion the judge who let a jury make life-changing decisions shortly before midnight? A 15-hour day can cause anyone to not think clearly. Why open the door for that possibility when people’s lives are at stake?
Was the champion the court system that allows a defense attorney to postpone a trial for over a year and then use the miracle of time against the victim? The miracle to which I refer is the very nature we have as humans to block out horrific experiences.
The champion in that courtroom was Stacey Patterson, the “alleged victim.” She endured the unpleasant process of making her attack public.
The medical exam that a rape victim goes through is enough to detour some victims from pressing charges. She did not want someone else raped because she had not done her best to stop him.
Why is she the champion? By definition she is the only one who tried to protect and defend others from this abusive behavior. She championed the oppressed that have not been able to come forward.
Stacey Patterson, my niece, is a true champion.

Debra Smith
Tucson, Ariz.