Reporter’s Notebook: Clovis woman wins $50k

Gary Mitchell

A Clovis woman has won $50,000 playing the New Mexico Lottery’s “$50,000 Money Game,” introduced two weeks ago.
The winner requested anonymity when she presented her winning ticket at lottery headquarters in Albuquerque last week.
The winner said she’s a loyal player of the scratcher games and shared the strategy she uses when playing.
“I try the new games, and if I don’t win, I won’t play that game again,” she said. “If I do win, I’ll buy the same game again.”
It was the first time she had tried her luck on the new “$50,000 Money Game.”
The winner said she planned to use her prize to pay bills, splurge on one item — a computer — and save the remainder.
The ticket was sold at Allsup’s store No. 53, located at 301 N. Prince St. That same store previously sold two other big scratcher tickets worth $1,000 and $10,000.
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