Good Samaritan receives thank-you

Thank-you letters

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Clovis has a good Samaritan in its midst. Phil Dionne of Clovis came to our rescue on Aug. 28.
We were on our way from Albuquerque to Clovis, but got a flat tire between Taiban and St. Vrain. The eastern plains have their own special beauty, but we could not appreciate it at that time because we had no cell phone and could not find the jack to get the tire changed. Traffic was sparse.
Here comes Phil in his trusty Dodge Ram. He found the jack in a hidden compartment in the trunk and proceeded to change the tire. Not only that, he followed us the rest of the way to Clovis to be sure the doughnut tire held. He also suggested a tire company at which we later had the tire replaced. He accepted no money from us.
While he was changing the tire, we learned a few things about Phil. He does search and rescue in your area. He served in Korea in 1954. He is a Vietnam veteran. He has a kind nature, friendly spirit and a ready smile.
We thank Phil, again, for his help and kindness to two stranded strangers.
Suzan Hagler
Danette Webb

Honest citizen returns man’s valuables
She rang my doorbell on a Sunday morning, and when I opened the door she held up my card case. I had left it at the 21st Street post office a few minutes earlier.
The card case contained my driver’s license, bank ATM card, and other items of great importance to me. I had taken the card holder out of my pocket to get a stamp out of it, and then, unwisely, laid it down.
The woman said her name was Traci. As I thanked her, I thought how fortunate I was that she, rather than some less caring person, had found my card case.
Clovis and communities everywhere need more citizens like Traci.
Harold Burris