Curry County voters to decide on gross receipts tax issue

By Jack King

On the ballot in Tuesday’s special election is a request by Curry County to increase gross receipts taxes collected in the county by one-eighths of one percent. County officials say the increase would generate approximately $750,000 to $800,000 and would be added to the county’s general fund to cover many types of expenses.
Polls will be open at regular voting precincts from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday. The majority of area residents asked about the issue on Saturday morning during the Downtown Arts Festival said they oppose the proposed tax.
Here are some reactions from the area residents, who were selected at random.
• Steve Turner, 43, of Clovis, said he opposes the plan.
“I’m against all taxes in principle,” he said. “If they need more revenue, maybe they should cut some programs.”
• Stefanie Arvington, 36, of Melrose, is also opposed.
“We definitely already pay enough taxes,” she said. “For what our wages are, the community can’t afford any more taxes.”
• Mary Finifrock de Perez, 52, of Clovis, said she supports the plan. “I think we need to support what’s going on in the community,” she said. “If we all do our part we’ll have a better place to live.”
• Robert Salinas, 39, of Clovis, also supports the proposal. “I think it would be better than (a) property tax,” he said. “It sounds like the county is in a little trouble and they need the money. If they raise gross receipts taxes, everybody pays.”
Other reactions:
• Juan Montano, 65, of Clovis: “We’ve got enough taxes. The county should get some help from some of that money going to Iraq.”
• Lonzo Lassiter, 52, of Clovis: “We’re getting a lot of new businesses coming in here and I think they (new taxes) are going to drive off potential customers.”
• Willard Pottard, 73, of Clovis: “I don’t believe Clovis has enough cash flow for people to live a decent life now. There’s not enough money for people to raise taxes.”
• Deborah Ramirez, 54, Clovis: “I’m against it, for a lot of reasons. I don’t agree with a lot of things they are building, and I think we have too many taxes already.”
• Sharon Stone, 43, of Clovis: “In general, I’m opposed to all tax increases. I haven’t seen them spend it right yet.”
• Kenneth Bair, 44, of Clovis: “It’s stupid. It’s not going to be used in the proper form.”