Alabama commandments issue isn’t isolated

Kay Arvizu

My heart goes out to the people of Alabama. I hope they remember that this is not a defeat for God, but for those people who think they won.
The monument that was removed from the Alabama Judicial Building was not God, nor was it worshiped by his people; it was simply a reminder that God and his commandments are always with us. No wonder those who are afraid of Christianity wanted it gone!
I have never quite understood why unbelievers object to these artifacts. I am not a believer in Spiderman, but the posters and ads for the movie do not bother me. If atheists really believe there is no God, why do reminders of God trouble them so? They are not required to read or even acknowledge them, and they are certainly free to ignore them, so why, I wonder, are they so hell-bent on destroying them?
I remember when my children were very young. Brenda had started school, and was much wiser than her little brother, Joe. She felt it her responsibility to share her great knowledge with him, and he, of course, would have none of it. One day they brought the argument to me.
“Mother, tell him the truth! He thinks the moon is made of green cheese. It’s not, is it?”
“Yes, it is!” he emphatically replied. After trying unsuccessfully to convince him, I tried to calm his sister.
“Brenda,” I said, “it really doesn’t matter what he believes right now. What he believes does not change what the moon is made of. You know it is not made of green cheese, and I know it is not made of green cheese, and what he believes does not change anything.”
And so it is with unbelievers — except for the final penalty you pay, it does not matter what you believe. What is, is, and nothing can or will change it.
It is not the atheists that are trying to remove all traces of God from our society that make me afraid; it is the Christian people who do nothing. Are we too busy or too afraid of offending someone to stand up for what we believe? Are we just too lazy, or do we forget how important even one voice is in the defense of our faith?
Remember, all that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
Don’t look at Alabama as an isolated incident. We have been very fortunate here in our part of these great United States, but it is coming. We have to be ready.
How many of you know that no longer is prayer offered before the high school ballgames? I know that many of the students and spectators pray anyway, but how long will they be allowed to do this openly?
I was privileged to watch the Artesia/Lovington football game Friday evening.
Artesia’s quarterback, David Maupin, was injured and taken off the field by ambulance. While the ambulance attendants were getting David on the stretcher, both teams met in the middle of the field and knelt in prayer.
This was very meaningful to me, but I couldn’t help wondering how long we will be allowed this freedom. It seems that, one by one, our freedoms are being taken from us. What are we doing about it?
As Christian people stood together in order to form this great nation, so must we stand together now.
God cannot be removed — from a courthouse or a nation — unless Christians refuse him entrance. He has promised to always be with us, and I, for one, believe him!

Kay Arvizu is a resident of Clovis.