amos on living free

Gary Mitchell

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

boss it seems like ages
ago yesterday that freddie
the flea changed his ways
in fact it s almost hard to
remember how he was
before today

but sometimes it s good
to remind ourselves from
whence we came

i showed freddie what i penned
about him several years ago
it went sorta like this —

boss i ran into despair
yesterday freddie flea was
lying in a heap next
to the garbage can

looky here he says to me
the symbol of my life
he pointed with a shaky hand
to the rusty can i could write
a book on how to snarf and
hook from under the pan

sounds bad says i what do
you mean everything says he
life is dead he said when a
bug is headstrong to go on the
road – a rosebed it ain t he said
and dropped his head

but why says i to the runaway
did you fly away in the first place

he looks at me sorta strangely
and says what s your case
his eyes searched my face
are you a bug-chiatrist
he asked and shook his fist
no says i just an ordinary guy

then i ll tell you says he i ran
away for me to live and be free
but you said i said
i know what i said he said
life on the street is death
there s no place for a breath
of fresh air anywhere

then why not come upstairs
says i where there s cool air
and fair skies

how can that be says he

it s a matter of redirecting
your focus says i
no hocus-pocus
if ya wanna find real life
look to the creator of life
only he can abolish strife

but he says to me how –
can i find it even now

sure i chortled joyously
look you wanted to live free
to live for yourself and fly
so you lunged at life and died
the more you grabbed
the less you had

that s right he said
it s like a blight

here s why says i if ya
wanna live ya gotta die

it sounds like a lie
to me says he

but the more you cling
more death it ll bring
says i in reply ya gotta
choose to lose your life
to christ if ya wanna win
this battle over sin and strife

but give up my life says he
it s the only way to victory
says i then you can fly
move up on high
climb into the upstairs lane
live life on a higher plane

but says he – to die
to self – and put my selfish
dreams on a shelf –
i don t know says he
maybe – just maybe –
to trade away my misery
for life peace and victory
maybe that s for me

boss that was the turning
point for freddie
and life at times may still
get crazy but freddie s never
really been the same