Web site shows sights of our nearest neighbor

By Tom DiFrancesca

The Martians are coming! Run for your lives!
At least that’s what some folks around the world are saying.
Why? Because the planet Mars has drawn nearer to the Earth, closer than it has in a very long time — 60,000 years to be exact. What a great photo opportunity. In fact — if you will jump over to
you’ll be able to view some recent images of the “Red Planet”, taken with the newly refurbished Hubble Space Telescope.
— Speaking of things in the air — wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), is becoming more and more popular.
A number of local businesses and private individuals have installed wireless networks with great success. Did you know that if you have a laptop computer with a wireless network card installed in it — you could surf the Web for free at the China Star?
Now, I’m not suggesting that you just run down there, go plop yourself in a booth, and start surfing — without at least ordering some food.
That wouldn’t be polite would it?
The Java Loft, a new Clovis cybercafe — which will be making it’s debut in a month or so, will also be offering free wireless Internet access — what a deal.
The ability to offer wireless access can be very beneficial to the provider of a “hot spot.” For example, Travelers World Campground, on U.S. 60/84 toward Cannon — now offers high speed wireless Internet access to its customers.
The owners tell me, that the access is a very big selling point these days, when clients are debating on which RV Park or campground to utilize.
The publicity generated by becoming a “hot spot” provider sure can’t hurt either. Within two or three weeks of providing the wireless Internet access — Travelers World was mentioned on the Businesswire.com and New Mexico Business Weekly (albuquerque.bizjournals.com) Web sites.
Not to mention, this column.
I hear tell, that a cybercafe may be opening up on Cannon Air Force Base. Anyone want to fill me in on the subject? Just drop me an e-mail.
— I received an interesting e-mail this past week from former Clovis resident Al Sparks — who now resides in Fairbanks, Alaska. He came across my weekly column while visiting the Clovis News Journal Web site
and then visited my Web site. He soon discovered that he and I had a lot in common; the two primary things being that we are both ex-Coasties — that is, we both served in the U.S. Coast Guard (in pretty close the same time frame), and — he moved to Clovis in 1966 — in 1966, I was living in Fairbanks.
It’s a small world isn’t it?
— “Paving the paper trail” — that is the claim of The Smoking Gun Web site, a claim that it pretty much lives up to. Check-out
and you’ll see what I mean. Some of the “stuff” on the site is pretty interesting, the rest — well, is pretty darn weird.
Good reading when you are bored or in a strange mood.
— Speaking of strange — what do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger running for governor of California?
If someone doesn’t vote for him, and he wins — will they be terminated? You’ve probably been thinking that it’s a real shame we aren’t in the land of “Hollyweird”, and don’t have access to Arnold’s television spots.
Come on — I know you have.
Well, I’m here to help you out. Just surf on over to
and you’ll be able to watch each new political spot as it is released.
The Internet saves the day once again.

Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance columnist and a resident of Clovis. He can be reached at: tomdifran@ureach.com and www.trackertom.com