Summer rainstorm soaks Clovis

A soccer ball sits in a puddle on the Yucca football field as the St. Michael’s girls soccer team practices before its championship match Saturday against Moriarty. Photo by Eric Kluth.

By Gary Mitchell

Friday night’s thunderstorms prevented Ranchvale farmer Dudley Bailey from harvesting his 150 acres of watermelons on Saturday, but he looked at it as a mixed blessing.
“Dadgum it — you don’t get any rain until the day you start harvesting,” he said. “Isn’t that the way it works? We were supposed to load three trucks to go to New York City on Saturday. I was looking forward to getting paid. It’s kind of a tough deal.”
Still, it was rain — and the Bailey farm picked up 0.8 of an inch.
“It was good,” he said. “The country needs it terribly. Water is the name of the game, and the rain God gives is better and more economical than any other kind.”
The intensive thunderstorms packed both lightning and heavy rains and played havoc with a few area football contests.
Lightning halted the Portales-West Las Vegas game at Greyhound Stadium for 15 minutes just after the third quarter.
At the Clovis-Las Cruces Mayfield game in Las Cruces, lightning twice delayed the start of the game for approximately two hours.
Rainfall amounts varied from 0.1 of an inch in Portales to 3 inches five miles north of Clovis and Texico.
Dairy farmer Alva Carter Jr. noted there was a difference between what downtown Portales recorded — 0.1 of an inch — and what his dairy, Carter’s Milk Factory, south of town received.
“We had 0.4 of an inch of rain,” he said. “It was a nice rain.”
Farmer Donnie Helmer north of Pleasant Hill recorded the 3-inch total.
“Sure, it will help us,” he said. “It was a pretty good rain. It will be good for the milo crop, and it will make a good start for planting our wheat crop.”
Clovis weather observer Nancy McPherson reported 1.21 inches of rainfall in town.
“It was a beautiful rain,” she said. “It smelled good, and it sounded good.”
The last time it rained this much or more in the Clovis area dates back to June 26, McPherson said, when it rained 2.32 inches.
“That was the day I had to dump it from the little can to the big can and measure it some more,” she said.
The Clovis Municipal Airport north and east of Clovis recorded 2.48 inches of moisture overnight.
“There was a cold front that moved south and became stationary in the Tucumcari-Clovis-Portales area, and the northeast wind increased the moisture,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Geoffrey Bogorad in Albuquerque.
“The front was the focusing mechanism for the thunderstorms to develop,” he said. “They were moving real fast, but they dumped copious amounts of rainfall.”
Forecast for the Clovis-Portales area will be pleasant, Bogorad said.
“We’re looking for mostly sunny skies,” he said. “The clouds will dry out. It will be sunny, and temperatures will warm up back into the lower 80s. (Today) should be a nice, late summer day. Labor Day will be mostly sunny, a few degrees warmer in the mid-80s.”
According to the Web site, the forecast for Labor Day calls for a 40 percent likelihood of afternoon showers and thunderstorms.