the attack of the birds

by amos

boss there have been
some strange air currents
passing through the church
pew underworld these days

in alfred hitchcock-style
the birds have landed and
they re causing more
ruckus than an octopus
on a merry-go-round

first came the parrots
who repeat what others
say – have you heard
what so-and-so said –
they re the ones who
always cry – they say
they say – and boss
their gossipy ways may
completely undermine
the church pew family

then came fauntleroy the
fan-tailed pigeon who
strutted all through the
underworld flashing his
pinfeathers and wanting
to be the focus of
attention but boss all
he managed to do was
cause confusion disgust
and jealousy

but fauntleroy was
nothing compared to
horace the hawk whose
sharp eyes never missed
a fault committed by
pastor leroy beetle the
songbird choir and any
church pew member
horace always preys on
the helpless and he
usually sat by himself
in the corner pew

then the jay birds came
in a bunch fussing
chattering screeching to
high heaven and making
a hell on earth

after them came
the bats the old
hypocrites in the bird
family – the bat looks
like a bird from one
angle and a rodent from
another he has wings
but looks like a rat the
only difference is the way
you look at him boss

then in the stealth of the
night – along with the bats –
flew in the crows the
undercover agents who
steal another s corn
crows are spiritual thieves
always trying to steal
someone else s blessing
and by the way boss crows
sure make a lot of noise
when they re caught

finally boss there came the
swans those beautiful birds
who have no certain
dwelling place but just
float from church pew to
church pew swans always
look for a better pond
but are never satisfied

just when we thought the
church pew underworld
would be overwhelmed by
our frantic feathered foes
there were two other birds
who showed up in the nick
of time – first the turtle
dove the bird of peace rest
beauty and security the
promise of god s love
on the way

then boss in majestic style
rawley eagle swooped down
out of heaven as it were
soaring high diving hard and
fast driving the church s
enemies out and bearing
healing in his wings for those
wounded by those hapless
bird brains

god s might and power
flew in the wake of rawley s
wings and the church pew
underworld – even to a
woeworm – rejoiced