Want to believe? Travel to Roswell

By Angela Peacock

The Roswell UFO Festival is an out-of-this-world experience, according to event organizers.
The festival celebrating the world-renown1947 incident is scheduled for July 3-6. There will be a variety of activities at the Roswell Civic Center, International UFO Museum and elsewhere in Roswell.
Each day the UFO museum is planning special events including a celebrity art show and an appearance by Roy Thinnest, the original star of the Invaders TV series, who also appeared in the X-Files. He will be available for autographs, photos, questions and answers after his presentation.
“He’s an amazing artist and Broadway performer,” said Julie Shuster, museum director.
Whatever it was that happened in Roswell in 1947 has museum employee Wanda Williams convinced that human’s aren’t alone in the universe. She said if people don’t believe in aliens then they might after visiting the museum and researching some of their extensive information.
“I really do believe something happened in 1947. Why else would the government try to cover up what happened?” Williams said. “Too many people have seen things for there not to be something else out there, but the 1947 incident happened right after World War II and letting something like that out would have caused the country to panic. I’m not sure it wouldn’t cause panic even now. Those who don’t believe need to come in and look at all of our exhibits and go ahead and read about the incident.”
The museum will also be hosting book signings by Gloria Hawker author of “Morning Glory, Diary of an Alien Abductee,” Weslynn McCallister author of “Prophecy of the Ancients” and “The Sorcerer’s Android,” Charles James Hall author of “Millennial Hospitality and Roswell researcher Don Schmitt, author of “UFO Crash at Roswell Two.”
Derrel Sims, of Houston, an international speaker, investigator and researcher of suspected alien encounters, will also be at the festival. Shuster said he gathers evidence, has it reviewed by professionals in various fields, and with deductive reasoning attempts to explain the results.
“He makes no effort to explain the term ‘alien’ as it is still unexplained as well as alien implant,” Shuster said.