‘Hulk’ not worth the trouble

By Stacy Allen

I have a hard time coming up with anything good to say about “The Hulk.” When I first saw the previews I had my doubts and figured this movie probably would fail in the comparison of “Spider-Man.” After seeing the movie my doubts were confirmed and all I can say is I want 2 1/2 hours of my life back. “The Hulk” is based off of a Marvel comic, just like “Spider-Man,” but I didn’t understand a thing that was going on in this movie. Maybe the comic is just as hard to follow, but from the very beginning I had a hard time following the story line.
The movie starts slow and has so many flashbacks that I had a hard time keeping it all straight. Some scenes in this movie were pointless. “The Hulk” is a computer-animated effect, and it shows. Many drawn out scenes involve this computer generation and I think that was a bad idea. 
The computer effect has no emotions, but then again neither does Eric Bana. His portrayal as the human Bruce was monotonous. Jennifer Connelly looked gorgeous in this film, although she didn’t have a great part. She plays the love interest and the ultimate calming factor to the Hulk, yet it seems like the same role she did in “A Beautiful Mind.” Josh Lucas is the villain and although he is somewhat believable as a bad guy, he isn’t given a lot of time to really be evil. Sam Elliot plays Connelly’s father and his performance was probably better than the movie deserved. Bruce’s father, the scientist who causes all the problems, was played by Nick Nolte. He did too good of a job, so good that it was melodramatic and pressed. 
I do not recommend seeing this movie at all, even when it comes out on video.