Police blotter 6/22

Samplings of recent calls received by the Clovis Police Department, according to police reports:
A 17-year-old Clovis woman flagged down police on June 14 while they were driving past the county courthouse to report that she had been attacked by another Clovis woman. The second woman claimed the first had been driving by her place of employment shouting curses at her.

Early Sunday morning, police noticed two young males walking near the corner of 13th Street and Calhoun, stopped to talk with them due to the time, and noticed an odor of alcohol. When the officer noticed a bottle of alcohol sticking out of the pocket of one of the two boys, he ran north up Calhoun Street. After a foot pursuit of four blocks, the officer tackled the boy and knocked him to the ground, causing minor injuries. The second boy escaped; the first was determined to be 14 years old and arrested on charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol and eluding a police officer.

After police approached two men Sunday afternoon at the corner of 5th and Prince to ask what they were doing, one of the men dropped a small bag of marijuana and left the scene. The second man said he was reading the newspaper and didn’t know the first man. The man who dropped the marijuana bag could not be located.

Shortly after midnight Monday morning, Clovis police took a report of possible sexual abuse of a minor. The child’s mother was referred to the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner unit at Plains Regional Medical Center where nurses examined the child for possible sexual abuse.

An automobile business called police Monday morning to report that a number of privately-owned vehicles had been broken into. Investigation showed that four vehicles had windows broken and most had items stolen from inside.
Police also responded to another business where an employee reported that his vehicle had been broken into overnight while parked in the company lot. Police found a window broken and items taken from inside.

After receiving a report of a man holding a gun to another man’s head while walking on Pineway before noon on Monday, police arrived and found a crying juvenile outside a home reporting that her brother was inside and still had the gun. Officers entered the residence, retrieved the gun, and took statements from those present. Police held the gun as evidence for possible future charges.