Police blotter 6/8

Samplings of recent calls received by the Clovis Police Department, according to police reports:
A fight outside a Clovis bar on May 30 led to an aggravated battery report to Clovis police. According to the police report, after a 21-year-old Clovis resident left the bar, he was punched in the back of the head by an unknown person who had been ejected from the bar by security personnel.

A 16-year-old Fort Sumner woman who attempted to leave a Clovis business with $67.54 worth of merchandise was released into her mother’s custody after following her Tuesday evening arrest for shoplifting. According to police, the woman attempted to hide four sets of necklaces and earrings, three key rings, an eye pencil, eyeliner, blemish treatment, tweezers, cleanser, Nair, ice refills and lip gloss in a purse, and went through the checkout lane while making no attempt to pay for the items.

Clovis police are hunting for whoever made four or five gas purchases on May 29 from a Clovis gas station using a debt card that was lost or stolen from a Clovis resident totaling $79. The cardholder discovered the purchases on Tuesday and canceled the card.

A Portales resident called Clovis police Tuesday afternoon to report while he was playing racquetball and working out at a Clovis location, someone had taken his wallet from the locker room. A search of the facility did not locate the missing wallet.

Clovis police responded about noon on Wednesday to a Clovis business. An employee of the business said a friend had left the building for lunch and saw a man taking the hitch from her truck. Police took a description of the man and his vehicle.

While arresting a 31-year-old man and his 29-year-old wife at the 2800 block of Sheldon on Wednesday afternoon, Clovis police found that the wife had a methamphetamine baggy in her sock. Police called agents from the Region Five Drug Task Force, who searched the house and found a travel bag containing methamphetamine-related drug paraphernalia.

When two men got a vehicle stuck in the mud of a yard at the 800 block of Hondo late Wednesday evening, the tenant of the home asked the men why they were in her yard and called police for assistance in removing the vehicle. The two men left the scene saying they were going to get help removing the vehicle but never returned.
Police discovered that the vehicle had the wrong license plates and the vehicle’s owner did not know where the vehicle had disappeared from earlier in the day but had not yet reported it stolen. Police seized the vehicle’s license plates and advised the tenant on procedures to avoid liability for damage to the yard.