god s mudbug wrestler

by amos

Editor’s Note: Amos is a churchmouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

boss i just met the
strongest mudbug in
the church pew
underworld he was the
top bug in the pro
mudbug wrestling circuit

his name is ted the
million dollar mudbug
wrestler and he s
afraid of neither bug
nor mouse

before he met jesus
he was a pretty
worldly mudbug boss

i was a classic scrooge
in wrestling the former
million dollar wrestler told
a group of teenage bugs
and mice i was the villain
the bad boy the heel
but the money was good
i wheeled and dealed

my motto and my theme
was every bug s got a
price from a million dollars
to a box of rice

when i was at the top of
my game i had it all fans
fortune and fame but even
then says he i came up
lame i wasn t satisfied i
was empty inside

i tried everything to fill
that spot i ran around
with high-falutin ladybugs
became a sewer water sot
got high on poppy seed
slugs and tried to be the
top mudbug on the
wrestling rug

did it work asks freddie
the flea who was impressed
by ted s notoriety

no it didn t says he
it only added to my
misery i sank to the
bottom of my soul
i needed some help
some way to be whole
but everywhere i looked
there was no hope only
leaky holes

what was your toughest
bout asks sammy
salamander envisioning
some mighty lout

you would think my baddest
bout would be against
andre the giant centipede
says he but as bad as that
was it couldn t compete
with the toughest opponent
i ve ever had to meet

the toughest match i ve
ever faced says he was with
god cause i struggled with
him indefinitely we wrestled
and wrestled for my soul s
eternity and eventually like
jacob to him i clung
my life in shatters my heart

did it make a difference
says me in abject curiosity

absolutely says he the greatest
choice i ever made was choosing
jesus all these worldly honors
will fade fame and fortune i ll
gladly trade for the riches of
his forgiveness and grace up
in heaven laid

i love god now with all my heart
says he nothing gives me more
joy than seeing bugs and mice
set free from sin and misery

that void in my life was filled
with jesus he s the one who
forgives us lives in us and
frees us

so now i ve got the greatest
tag team partner in history
says he with him you ll never
lose you ll always walk in victory
from now throughout eternity