Letters to the editor

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I would like to try and convey my family’s heartfelt gratitude to the nurses and doctors at the Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis.
There are no words great enough or beautiful enough to adequately convey our thanks.
When I came here from Germany to help my daughter and her husband while they were waiting for their twin boys to be born, little did we know the chain of events that would take place in just two weeks’ time.
One month before the boys were due, my daughter had to have a Caesarean section and the boys had to be sent to a hospital in Lubbock.
I want to thank the wonderful doctors and their staffs and most of all the precious nurses that work at the hospital.
We were strangers at the mercy of strangers. Thank you for your mercy and kindness and compassion and prayers for our prized possessions, Bailey and Cody Gragido.
I had worried about the quality of care my daughter and the babies would receive in a strange place, but to say the least, my worries were unfounded.
This has truly been a wonderful lesson in humanity and I have not been disappointed.
Our family will never forget your impeccable work ethics and your wonderful sense of humor and your faith and prayers.
God bless you all.
Elizabeth Smith
Cannon Air Force Base

Banquet honors students, community
I would like to thank some of our community members, especially those associated with the Bank of Clovis. As an attendee of the 4.0 banquet for students, sponsored by the Bank of Clovis, I was treated to a wonderful meal and ceremony. The event took place April 21 at The Landing at Cannon Air Force Base.
Organizers of the event made it their goal to create a fine dining experience and an enjoyable time of fellowship for the 18 students and our special guests.
They succeeded to the fullest in this goal.
Although the food and fellowship were incredible, they were still not the most thoughtful acts of the evening. The bank and various administrators made the other students and I feel truly special. They took every opportunity to commend our hard work and dedication to school work.
Even compared to the wonderful, complimentary alarm clocks that we received, their praises and encouragement were the most special gifts of the night. For this small bit of encouragement, I am extremely grateful.
As a long time citizen of Clovis, I am fully aware of the stellar athletic programs and highly commendable music system of our area. However, I feel the students who excel in academics are often overlooked.
Although it is only an annual event, the 4.0 banquet gave outstanding students a night in which they were the focus and all of their hard-work and academic achievements were commended.
Lukas Cash