17 candidates are vying for U.S. Rep. Larry Combest’s seat

By Gary Mitchell

Texas voters will make their way to the polls Saturday for local elections as well as a special election to decide on a replacement for U.S. Rep. Larry Combest, R-Lubbock, in District 19.
There are 17 candidates running for the District 19 seat, according to Parmer County officials.
Those 17 include: E.L. “Ed” Hicks, Independent; Mike Conaway, Republican; Randy Neugebauer, Republican; Stace Williams, Republican; John D. Bell, Republican; Vickie Sutton, Republican; Carl H. Isett, Republican; Richard “Chip” Peterson, Libertarian; David R. Langston, Republican; Donald May, Republican; Jamie Berryhill, Republican; Kaye Gaddy, Democrat; Julia Penelope, Green Party; Jerri Simmons-Asmussen, Democrat; Richard Bartlett, Republican; William M. “Bill” Christian, Republican; and Thomas Flournoy.
On election day, registered voters may cast ballots in Parmer County at one of six polling places:
–Farwell Community Center
–Friona — Calvary Baptist Church
–Bovina EMS Building
–Rhea Community Center
–Lazbuddie School
–Oklahoma Lane Methodist Church.
Farwell city elections have been canceled due to no contested positions, said Farwell city secretary Cynthia Thigpen.
“The candidates will be declared elected by ordinance if there is no opposition,” she said.
Candidates running unopposed in Farwell city government are: Mayor Jimmy Mace, Councilman Joe Stanton and Councilman Tim Casel.
In Bailey County, Muleshoe’s incumbent mayor, Victor E. Leal, is running unopposed, but there are three candidates running for the District No. 3 Council seat — Filemon Guzman Jr., Earl Behrends and Mariann Anzaldua.
Here are the candidates for Farwell School Board of Trustees, Farwell Hospital Board and City of Bovina.
Farwell School Trustee Election:
Three-year terms (Voters can vote for 3)
Nancy Chasteen
Randy Mitchell
Roberta Howard (I)
Mike Woods (I)
Farwell Hospital Board of Directors Election:
Two-year terms (Voters vote for 5)
Greg Actkinson
Tim Cooper
Dr. Nancy B. Chasteen
Tom Nichols
Jack Kirkland
Mike Ratke
City of Bovina Municipal Election
Alderman (Two-year term)
Mike McCallum
Lance “Bubba” Teague
Diane Heard
John R. Blackwell
Richard Bonham
Joe Olvera
Radford Venable
Bill Gist