Kids show concern over war

With the war dominating the thoughts of Americans, many find themselves glued to the television and scouring the newspapers, seeking news about events in Iraq.
In these reports, adults speak openly about the war. But what do kids think?
Members of Joe Strickland’s fourth-grade class at Lincoln Jackson Arts Academy gave their opinion on several aspects of the war; four of those students have parents currently deployed to the Middle East.
All of the students said they follow coverage of the war in Iraq on television.

Q: What is the war in Iraq about?
Zachary Anderson: “We’re going to war to find Osama bin Laden, and we’re trying to capture Saddam Hussein.”
Galilee Howell: “We’re going to war to help the Iraqi people, and trying to stop Saddam Hussein.
Quran Wiggins: We’re going to war for freedom.”
Kaylee Gonzales: “I think we’re going to war to help the Iraqi people so that Saddam Hussein will not kill them anymore.”

Q: Are you worried about bad stuff (terrorism) happening here in New Mexico and in the U.S.?
Shaun Lopez: “I hope they don’t bomb us.”
Catherine Duke: “I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the news, but I don’t think they’re going to happen here.”
Kaylee: “I hope that they don’t bomb us because we have a lot of loved ones out there.”

Q: Are any of your family members overseas? Do they write letters or call?
Jamie Holmes: “My Dad’s in Qatar. He sends us messages, e-mails, and he talks to us on the phone. And he mails us stuff.”
Kahleia Hawkins: “He (my dad) writes me letters a lot, and he sends me things, like a chess game. We talked to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago. He always sends us e-mails every day.”
Luis Prieto: “My cousin’s out there. He sends us messages. I miss him.”
Briana Skipwith: “My Dad’s in Turkey, and he sends messages through the phone.”
Kaylee: “My uncle, Troy, is out there, and we haven’t heard from him in a long time. And I just hope he comes home safe.”

Q: Do you think the war is good or bad?
Felicia Gutierrez: “I think the war is bad because people die, and they have families.”
Briana: “I think the war is good because we’re trying to help other people be safe.”
Amanda Ivy: “I think it’s good and bad because our country’s helping the Iraqis. And it’s bad because people are losing their loved ones in the war.”
Galilee: “I think it’s a good idea to go to war, even though no one likes war, because we’re helping Iraq. We’re trying to catch Saddam Hussein, and we’ve waited 13 years for him. And I think it’s a good idea.”
Kahleia: “I think the war is bad and good. The bad thing is that some innocent people are dying. And that’s a really bad thing. And the good part is that we’re trying to help a lot of people.”
Luis: “I think the war is bad because they use the children and innocents for the shielding.”
Jamie: “I think the war is good because they’re fighting for our freedom, and I think it’s bad because my dad might die.”

Q: What do you think about President Bush? What would you say to him if you had the chance to talk to him?
Luis: “I hope my cousin’s safe.”
Catherine:” I think President Bush is doing the right thing.”
Galilee: “I think President Bush is doing a good job, and he knows more than we do.”
Jamie: “I hope the president makes a good decision.”

Q: What do you think about the troops and what would you like to say to them?
Chris Sharp: “Come home safe.”
Ebony Gallegos: “I wish them good luck.”
Jamie: “I hope all the troops come back safely. And for all the women, don’t die, because they have families back home.”
Amanda: “I hope everybody comes home safe and sound, and I’ll pray for them even if they don’t.”
Galilee: “If I could talk to the troops, I’d say thank you for going out to war for us. You’re very brave. And don’t get hurt.”
Maria Mares: “I want you to know that I pray for you every night, and I hope you come home safe.”
Kahleia: “I would like to say to the troops, don’t stress about anything. Just be really calm because if you get stressed, you’re going to end up might getting hurt really badly.”

Q: What do you think about Saddam Hussein, and what would you tell him if you could talk to him?
Quran: “I think Saddam Hussein should stop and turn himself in. “
Felicia: “Saddam Hussein — stop doing bad things.”
Shaun: “I hope Saddam Hussein will quit killing people.”
Galilee: “I think Saddam Hussein should give up because we’ve waited for years and years. I hope our troops get you.”
Amanda: “I hope Saddam Hussein stops because all he’s doing is trying to kill his Iraqi people.”
Kaylee: “I hope Saddam Hussein stops terrorism.”
Luis: “Saddam Hussein. I want to talk to Saddam Hussein. He’s just wasting lives.”
Jamie: “I hope Saddam gets a life.”
Felicia: “I want to tell Saddam Hussein to stop because he’s really hurting us.”